How To Flirt – Learn The Rules of Flirting

How To Flirt – Learn The Rules of Flirting
How To Flirt – Learn The Rules of Flirting
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Be it a man or woman, flirtation is not new, and people of both sexes flirt. Some people consider flirting as an act of cheating of molesting others. But there is a thin line between flirting and cheating.

According to many people, flirting is not ethically correct. However, experts on the topic believes that if done within ethical limits, then flirt can be of great help in forming a relationship. Through this article, I will tell you about the rules of flirting. By following these, you will not only be able to save yourself from any embarrassment, but you will also be able to cash the opportunities of flirts, as well.

1Rule 1 – See flirt as an act of choosing your spouse

As I said earlier, many people consider flirting as an unethical and immoral activity. To an extent, they are right. But, there is a brighter side of a flirt. Instead of considering flirt as an activity for time-pass, if seen as opportunities for meeting someone as a life-partner, it can offer you a great help in finding the right partner.

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2Rule 2 – Do not forget to follow ethics while flirting

Do not forget to follow your ethics and dignity even while flirting. Initiating any physical closeness or touching, when flirting, is not acceptable. In case, you repeatedly try to make a physical contact while flirting, there are chances that you will sabotage your reputation and make yourself look like a pervert.

Keep the flirt limited to a certain extent and do not make it an issue of self-esteem or an attack on your ego. If your partner has got bored with your flirt, then it is good to move on, since flirting at this level would be like troubling someone for no reason.

3Rule 3 – Practice, practice, practice

You need a lot of practice, when it is about flirting in ethical boundaries. You not only have to work on your body language, but also to understand the difference between flirting and upsetting someone. You must practice how to choose right words and timings. Right things said at the right time, means, victory, and vice-versa.

Flirting is different for women and men. In case of men’s, they do not stop flirting until they get a clear indication of their acceptance or rejection. On the contrary, women want to keep things confidential and they are hesitant about sending clear signals. Therefore, the more you work on these signals, the easier it is for you to flirt.

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4Rule 4 – Do not underestimate yourself

Some people, when receives a smile, they start looking at other people because they think that smile was not for them and for someone else. To them, they are the worst looking people on the planet. In case, you are one of them, I must say, you need to stop underestimating yourself. If you want to take advantage of flirt’s opportunities, then you need to change your attitude and mindset.

5Rule 5 – Learn to Understand Signals

Learn to understand body language and other signals. By misconstruing them, you will not only lose great opportunities, but you may have to face troubles, as well. If someone sends you signals of rejection, do not take it as a signal of disapproval. There could be other reasons as well such as shyness, hesitation or even the wrong timing(presence of many people around). Decode those hints correctly and then make a guess.

I see no trouble in saying that every romantic relationship starts with a flirt. In the initial period, you have to send some signs to reflect your affection.

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How will your partner react when you flirt, it depends on how you flirt. Therefore, follow the rules of flirting and increase your chances of success.