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Menstruation – How To Explain This To Your Daughter

Menstruation – How To Explain This To Your Daughter
Menstruation – How To Explain This To Your Daughter
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Menstruation is one of the most delicate moments of your daughter’s childhood. And, being a parent, you must deal wisely; not too early and not too late.

Menstruation; a real big change that your little daughter had an encounter with, while she is on her way to becoming a woman. As a parent, it is your duty to make her understand what is menstruation and how this change is going to affect her life. Here’s how to talk about this very delicate subject. Do not delay this because this is extremely important in life every girl.

Do keep in mind that reaction on this change normally varies from girl to girl. Some girls react positively and are receptive to explanations, but for many others, the sight of bloodstains on their undies is scary. Therefore, you must prepare your daughter in advance about this change before this crucial moment actually happens for the first time in her life; her first period.

is better to know your little from you all the essential information about how the female reproductive system works and the role of menstruation in it. Start by talking about what happens in the body of a girl when menstruation. Use simple words and make them understandable associations. Your daughter needs to know what to expect over very little and how to react.

You need to make your daughter understand that menstruation is when the girl becomes a woman, and any sexual relationship can end in a pregnancy, if not careful. In your knowledge sharing sessions with your daughter, you must mention these details. If you really want to protect her from possible troubles in the future, you as a mother needs to break the ice.

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I understand it is not easy to talk to a girl of 10-12 years about sex and pregnancy. If you feel uninspired or confused about how to initiate this talk or what all you should be telling her, you can have some help from the information on the internet.

Here are few things that you can tell her:

Menstruation and body signals

Tell her about the body signals that indicate that menstruation is coming. As you know, a female body sends alerts before menstruation like tiny breasts starts to grow, the appearance of pubic hair, acne, and others.

When menstruation days are closer, the breasts become more sensitive and there are some other health issues like stomachache (menstrual cramps). You must tell your daughter about these so that she can decode the menstrual changes.

Menstruation means maturity

Do everything you can to make your girl understand that this is something all girls go through and there is nothing wrong in it. Also, tell her that this change will be her first step towards maturity to make a baby. Do tell her that this is all about becoming a mother like you.

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Do not explain menstruation as a medical condition

Instead of explaining it as a medical condition, try to make your daughter understand that this is one of the most beautiful experiences in a girl’s life; finally, you are able to bring another life.

Illustrate her how to use menstruation pads

Explain exactly what is going to happen and what needs to be done. Tell her, in the beginning of menstruation, she is going to notice a few spots of blood on the slip. This is the time when she needs to use pads (as per size); products specifically designed for this period.

As a mother, you are her only teacher. Do not feel shy, but show her and explain how to use these pads. It would be better if you can help her with her first pad or at least illustrate her. Tell her to practice and repeat the process.

Last but not least, the discussion of first menstruation in girls must cover the hygiene aspect. Although in the past it was said that baths are not good, however, recent studies proved that hot baths are recommended as they can relax and soothe the pain.

Explain that pads are supposed to be replaced after a certain time, say 3:00 hours regardless of the flow. And, as a mother, ensure your uninterrupted availability for any further queries in this regard.