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How to Control Your Kid’s Smartphone Addiction

How to Control Your Kid's Smartphone Addiction
How to Control Your Kid's Smartphone Addiction
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  1. Fun or addiction?
  2. Tips that will help.
  3. Don't use your gadget more in front of them.

The world is going digital and so are our kids. It’s good to expose them to new technology but that is for sure after a certain age.

There’s a thin line between fun and addiction when it comes to our kids using e-gadgets. You just need to make sure they don’t cross the line of fun and enter the area of addiction. Read it here, if you want to know how to control your kid’s smartphone addiction.

Don’t expose them to the e-gadgets at an early age

I have seen many parents exposing their toddlers to mobile phones very proudly. Do you know how much harm it will cause your child in future?

It’s you, who have developed this likeness for the gadgets in your child. Don’t give your phone to your children just to make them stop crying or so that they get involved in using the gadget and you can do other stuff.

No, instead try using some alternative methods. Our generation has grown up without any electronic gadgets entertaining us, I’m sure our kids will too! At least keep them away from the gadgets until they are 5.

Don’t be on the phone all the time in front of them

Kids tend to pick up things from their surroundings. They will learn everything by simply watching you. If you don’t want your kids to be on the gadgets all the time, the same rule is applicable to you as well.

You can be on your phone as and only when needed. Your facebook account is not going to go anywhere and it’s completely fine to not stay updated on what others are doing in life.

Encourage them to pursue some hobby

Keep them busy all the time! If they like to paint, let them go to some art classes, this will improve their creativity. If your kids are more into sports, let them join any sports of their choice.

This way, they’ll learn and explore new things in the world instead of exploring the virtual world of mobile phones or tablets.

Introduce them to the world of books

Books give wings to your imagination and all successful people are creative by nature. Let your kids start early and inculcate the love for books in them.

You can make this as their bedtime regime, let them read some beautiful stories before they sleep. You can read with them as well! This is one of the best ways to bring up children.

Keep your gadgets password protected

If they really want to use your gadgets, you can allot a certain no. of minutes when they can use them. Keep them password protected so that they never use them alone without your supervision.

You can make it clear beforehand as to how many minutes they’ll get to use the gadget just to avoid the “teary meltdown” afterward.

Spend quality time with your kids

The best way to bring up kids is by spending quality time with them. Talk to them about what happened in their school, in their hobby classes. Help them with their homework.

Learn what’s going on in their mind, talk to them about their likes, dislikes, everything. If possible, make sure you take them out for family outings or holidays quite often where you follow “no gadgets” rule.

Hope these little tips works for your little kiddos!