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How to choose lingerie for everyday wear?
How to choose lingerie for everyday wear?

How to choose perfect lingerie for everyday wear?



  1. Make sure it fits well.
  2. Keep the colors simple; use nude colors.
  3. Don't bleach them; they are expensive.

Let us talk about how to choose the right lingerie and what to look for when buying.

Pieces of underwear does not appear to create big problems: buy them, wash them and wear them. But even if you think you should not give them too much importance, you should keep in mind some important things when it comes to lingerie pieces. Here are a few tips on how to choose perfect lingerie for everyday wear?

Before answering this question, we must understand the basics behind these. First of all, you should pay attention to its composition.

If you need for active sports kit, the best choice to stop model, made of synthetic fiber material composition. The one made of spandex, polypropylene and polyester are tight underwear suitable for the unrestricted body.

Latest production technology of thermal underwear uses a special type of weaving yarn so that sweat can be secreted shifted to the neck, the sleeves on jackets and legs. This edge is convenient for winter sports.

After reviewing the basic properties of tissues, much easier to understand how to choose the best lingerie.

Cotton models are less elastic and are designed primarily to put under your clothes daily during low temperatures. These kinds of underwear are mainly preferred in the form of pajamas.

Style comes next. It is very important to determine what style will be useful in some situations.

How to choose lingerie for everyday wear? A good option would be only one way of saving heat. Usually made of natural fibers predominantly maintains excellent heat and prevents the penetration of cold. This is the optimal solution for walking, fishing and any other classes that involve prolonged exposure outdoors in winter.

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For outdoor activities and sports, always choose underwear made of synthetic fibers. They do not retain moisture and vaporizes unpleasant odor. These are ideal for skiing, snowboarding, and other active sessions, when necessary so that the body remains dry. However, you should choose carefully the next layer of clothing to maintain this warmth.

There is nothing more unpleasant than underwear that sees under clothes you wear, so it is advisable to buy lingerie in neutral colors. Opt for nude colors, black or white and you will get rid of many worries. It is better to prioritize seamless T-shirt with thin suspenders. This can be worn as a dress or a collar, and feel comfortable at the same time.

Many manufacturers offer their own tips on how to choose winter lingerie that is based on the properties and parameters describing. But, keep in mind that no company can meet all you requirements. Also, not every manufacturer can be a specialized in more than two product lines, when it is about underwear.

Now that you have figured out how to choose lingerie for winter, you must purchase and learn some rules on how to wear it suitably. For example, for best thermal protection heat preservation must be put on the jersey, and then insulating clothing made of fleece material, and set up guard – jacket and pants or overalls.

You need to take a very good care of these wonderful items. Pieces of underwear are quite sensitive, especially the lace, so it is advisable to wash them in a special bag. Thus, your favorite tracks will not be tangled up in other clothes and neither will break. In addition, there was no risk that they will stain from other clothing.

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– Do keep in mind the followings –
Laundry should be carried out in water at a temperature of 40°C.
You should not be drying it can on machine set.
Washing detergent or bleach is not recommended, however, special washing liquids can be used
Load the laundry into the machine better inside-out.



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