How To Choose Bridal Lehenga For Your Body Shape

How To Choose Bridal Lehenga For Your Body Shape
How To Choose Bridal Lehenga For Your Body Shape
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Ever saw an Indian wedding; the big fat royal gypsy wedding, pragmatically planned over an open farm swamped with thousands of beautifully and culturally dressed guests?

Despite eye-opening decoration of the venue, the center of attraction remains, the bride; wearing an exquisitely designed bridal lehenga, “the skirt” and opulently spangled blouse, “the top.” Trust me, when I say, imagining a bride without this particular bridal trousseau called, “Lehenga Choli” is like, “No Way!” But here the question arises that how to choose a bridal lehenga for your body shape? If you also want to know the answer to this question, please read our article.

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This ethnic is not only considered one among the other quintessential bridal accessory but also offers a glamorous look to the persona. An eye-soothing makeover, deep crimson henna, elegant hairstyle, enticing aroma, not-so-heavy metal like jewelry and a swanky pair of footwear; is all you need before you sashay around like a bride with your dream-man.

Try googling and search for one of these ostentatious dresses. You will be amazed to see thousands of results within milliseconds. In simpler terms, the online market for these classy outfits is flooded with low-end replicas with poor quality Embroidery work.

Those who had ever purchased a or are still exploring, they know that market is full of expensive options. Just to confuse you, shoppers pretend like they have countless design. However, in reality, there are only five.

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Five main bridal lehenga designs
  1. Fish or Mermaid Style
  2. Straight Cut Style
  3. Panel Length Style
  4. A-Line Style
  5. Flared or Circular Style
Eight different shapes are available
  1. Long Sleeves
  2. Short Sleeves
  3. Half Sleeves
  4. Sleeves Less
  5. Long Blouse
  6. Collar
  7. Short Choli
  8. Open Back

Miss not to choose the right that best fits your body (shape). A wrong choice can both be a reason for lifetime regret and an event spoiler.

Four main body shapes
  1. V-shape or Apple Shape
  2. A-shape or Pear or Spoon Shape
  3. X-shape or Hour Glass Shape
  4. I-shape or Banana Shape

Hesitate not to spend a little more time while choosing the fabric for your preferred dress because choosing a wrong fabric means “A bail mujhe maar” i.e., an open invitation to all the badmouths present in the party.

No matter, how expensive you go for, nonetheless, if it is missing the right fabric and color combination, you should be prepared for a crowd eye-balling at you.

Not only the fabric and color that matters but also the body silhouette, embroidery work, uniqueness, cleanliness and other factors that count. Wearing a dress adorned with religious embroidery at the wedding eve is also not a good choice.

Do You Have A Confusion? Ask An Expert

Make sure you are buying or renting your Lehenga Choli from an expert only.

I am sure you don’t want people to tell you,“What the hell is this?