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How to Be Irresistible To Women/Girls

How to Be Irresistible To Women/Girls
How to Be Irresistible To Women/Girls
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Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

Only a king can attract a queen and only a queen can keep a king focused.

Are you one of them who thinks using Fog (deodorant) will get you a girl or will turn you into a hot piece of chocolate? I am sorry for bursting this bubble of yours, but you are mistaken, dude. No wonder, what your biceps size is and how flat you are at the tummy, if you don’t have that extra factor in you, you are out of the race. You cannot expect ladies to turn their head towards you. No way! Logically women are attracted to a man’s personality, his attitude, something that makes him special, and something that makes him stand first in the queue. I know, I know some men will cry and some are going to oppose it. But, this is true, at least in the majority of cases. Lets’ read about a few turn-on and offs and how to be irresistible to women/girls .


Aroma of a man is really important for women. Ask a woman, what is the biggest turn-off. Body Odor is going to be at the top. Quite obliviously, you cannot next to a man or woman who stinks. Be a man and do the right thing. Use a fragrance that is really nice and automatically attract the attention of the ladies around you. A discreet breeze coming from you will attract ladies. No offense, but if you smell like barber’s washing area, ladies are going to skip you at the earliest possible.


I mean do not be boring. Women love it when they are teased, but you are not supposed to play the bad guy and neither a good boy who blindly listen and ask for approval of women. Avoid this practice of yours as much as possible and most importantly do not be like other men. You need to be a mystery for women and this is how you are going to keep them busy with you.


Humor is the fastest, most powerful way to become irresistible to women even those that you believe in the “top league” and you find yourself not befitting for their demands. The humor must be natural, it is important to create positive feelings that she definitely cannot ignore them. A woman who laughs around the man is a woman half conquered.


Women love when you appreciate them and they wait for your romantic gestures. When you deliver romantic gestures you are actually telling them that you are always thinking about them. This is a best practice. You need to learn how to play with emotion instead behaving like an emotional fool. They love to hear a few words of praise and should you deliver those at the right time, you are there, mate!


Nobody wants a man who represents himself as weak, confused, not so confident, and devoid of personality. Being a man, you are supposed to give the woman a feel of security. You should not be asking for their approvals all the time because the most manly you behave the more these ladies are going to fall for you. Do not forget, to women men are adventurous, spontaneous, enthusiastic, and irresistible. Here, don’t get me wrong and do not confuse confidence with over-confidence. Trusting itself is fantastic, but if you turn into an arrogant and egoistic male who is full of himself, then, of course, the ladies are going to skip you.

Show Interest

As a man, you need to genuinely show some interest in their ideas, pleasures, interests, hobbies because this is going to make you a man irresistible to women. By doing so, you are creating a strong bond with her. You will be winning her confidence this way.

Maintain Eye contact

The importance of eye contact cannot be overlooked as this is the most powerful way to get in contact with the woman. Men can become irresistible to women through the way he looks at her. By Establishing an eye contact with the woman, you are sending the message that you’re interested in her.

Last, but not the least, women are attracted to men who smile because your smile shows optimism, positive persona full of life. A smile is going to make you look more attractive and it is going to highlight your personality positive. Simple, right?

Sometimes the best way to get someone’s attention is to stop giving them yours.