Tips To Be The Only Woman In The Eyes of Husband

Tips To Be The Only Woman In The Eyes Of Husband
Tips To Be The Only Woman In The Eyes Of Husband
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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Nothing can make a man happier when his woman cherishes him, respects him and loves him. This is all a man needs in a relationship. Behind many broken marriages is one reason women do not respond to their men the way they want.

Dear women, I know most of you expect your men to be around you all the time. However, you really have to earn that attention.  You really have to work at being the only woman in the eyes of your husband.  You need a little homework on how to make your men happy, if you really want to earn those compliments, love, and respect. Here are few tips that can help you to be the only woman in the eyes of husband.

1) Are you being reasonable?

Yes, it is reasonable to ask your man for the attention and care but you can’t be literally the only woman in his life. There are other women in his life as well which he loves and cares for – his mother, sister, female friends, etc. Make sure you are not trying to remove them from his life. Actually loving them and giving importance to them will for sure make you the woman who can make him weak in his knees.

2) Take genuine interest in him

What’s the best way to be the only woman in his eyes than by being a woman who understands him the most and genuinely takes interest in his life? Learn what his work is like, learn what his passions are, what his hobbies are. This way, you’ll able to communicate with him about the things he cares for and is important for him.

3) Dress for him

I still remember how my grandmother used to get ready for my grandpa every single evening before his home-arrival hours. It used to make my grandpa feel so special. No wonder they shared the kind of love, which you might want to call – evergreen. Why to dress up only while going out? Look nice, look beautiful and smell sexy every time when he is around.

4) Play together

You both can always take up a common hobby say badminton! Playing together will make you best of friends. The strongest relationships are those where husband and wife see best friends in each other. Imagine he won’t go anywhere and will always come to you even when he’ll need a friend!

5) Plan dates

Why should men plan dates all the time? Surprise him by planning a beautiful romantic evening. Never stop going out on dates. Go out on dates even when you are 70. These are some ways through which you can keep your love alive.

6) Love his family

Yes! Nothing makes a melt more than knowing that his wife loves his family and friends as much as he does. I’m sure he will reciprocate you by loving your family the same way. This will make you a queen in his heart.

7) Make meals for him

I’m sure all women know that a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Do I need to say anything else than this? You are quite smart… right?

I don’t know if this doesn’t make you the only woman in your husband’s eyes and his heart both then what will? Men do check out other women but that’s only like for a second which they forget in no time. When you are the only woman in his heart, nobody can replace your place ever.