How To Be A Good Father And Not Ideal One

How To Be An Ideal father
How To Be An Ideal father
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  1. Put their interests first.
  2. Give them hugs.
  3. Play with them.
  4. Protect them.

Despite of a father’s strict admonitions, why do a few children make their parents’ embarrass in the society? The irony is, if a child is doing good, whole credit goes to the father, and if unfortunately, he fails, it is considered as mother’s mistake. 

In civilizations like India, we believe, moral upbringing is a task that has to be done by mothers, and fathers step in, when it is about making money. But, this is not what makes you a good father. If you have recently become a father or are going to be a father, then let me tell you that a challenge is waiting for you. In such a situation, I would like to say that to become a good father, you have to do things with more enthusiastically. In this article, I will sharing a few tips that are surely going to help you in becoming a good father.

1Learn how to spend time with children

You are a man and you are a role model in the eyes of your kid. They expect that you play with them, tell them jokes or make them laugh like jokers. Here, it is not necessary that what games you play, rather, the more important is how much happy you make them. After a long tiring day, exhaustion is acceptable, however, do keep in mind that you will only get one chance to enjoy your kid’s childhood. I hope, you cannot afford to miss that!

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2Learn how to control anger

Many men have difficulties in controlling their emotions, which is not good for a family. They do not know to control their emotions or express them in the right way and often lose their calm over small issues. Hopefully, you must know that this short-term anger is going to leave long-term effect on your child’s personality; it is going to harm him physically and mentally.

If you want to be a good father, learn to control anger. Instead of relieving your anger on you little kid or wife, you must dare to release that on the right person. This will not only relax your mind, but will also improve the situation for future. Nothing is more important than your family.

3Adopt positive discipline

It is very important for children to learn discipline. But, while doing so, you should not give them any kind of physical punishment. If you are doing so, this is only going to fill with with negative behaviors like fear, rebellion or hatred. Instead, give him some work to do. For example – if your child has messed up all his house with his toys and things, instead of scolding him, tell him, “Do you like to keep your house dirty?” By doing this, you will not only make him understand the importance of put things back at place they belongs to, but also about the necessity of cleanliness.

By punishing him, he will either become stubborn or start hating you. As a result, there will be a lifetime difference between you and your child.

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4Be an example for them

Children often see their father as a superhero! They admire them because they are strong, protective and they have solutions to all their problems. Therefore, refrain doing any such thing in front of them that you do not want them to repeat. Bad relationship with the father affects the child very badly.

5Listen to children as a good father

As a good father, you should consider your child’s point of view. There are many things that children would like to share with their fathers. In such a situation, if you do not pay attention to their point of view, then it is eventually going to widen the gap between you two. Actually, men are afraid to be affectionate with their children because they feel that this affection makes them emotional and they want to leave this emotional thing for their wives.

Remember, being a father, it is very important that you listen him with affection and passion. If your child is saying something to you, leave whatever you are doing for some time and look at your baby. By doing this, the baby will not only come closer to you, but he will share everything without hesitation. If you want your child to listen to you, you first need to set an example.

6Do not put pressure on children

Many parents always live in the misconception that they are dealing with a slow-learner or under-performer. When you treat him like a loser, you can expect him to lose his confidence. This is further going to be a reason behind his poor confidence and self-esteem. Instead, you need to fill him with enthusiasm and motivation; these two are the best motivators.

Maybe you do not know, but kids always want to impress their father and they want their father to be proud of them! Therefore, if you put pressure or if you raise their goal higher than their levels, then it is surely going to damage their their self-esteem. Therefore, if you want to be a perfect father, then encourage them instead of putting pressure on them. If their performance decreases, then encourage them to perform better. Tell them that failure is a sign of success and you are proud that they did a great job. There is always a next time.

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7Learn about love and children’s desires

Do not feel ashamed of taking baby in your arms, kissing, and saying that you love it. Whether you are a father of a son or daughter, hugging them with your love, strengthens the relationship between you both. Let the child feel your love as well.

Try to know as much as you can about your child’s desires and dreams. Before them, you should understand that in which direction he can move forward in life and what he likes to do. If you are not able to understand it, then you can ask your wife or child.

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In reality, being a good father or pretending to be one, both are different. Believe me, if you are not really a good father, then you won’t be able to pretend. So, fix the things you are not okay with because this is not only going to risk your relationship, but your child’s future as well.

Present yourself as a good father because this is going to be your first step towards your kid’s success.