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How To Avoid Falling In Love With Someone

How To Avoid Falling In Love With Someone
How To Avoid Falling In Love With Someone
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Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

Love! a feeling, a moment, a state or a chemical reaction? what exactly is love? It is one thing that humans probably have no answer for.

Love is definitely mysterious in its own way. Definition of love differs according to the needs and desires of a human. While it can mean sacrifice to some, it can mean freedom to others; Studies say, it takes just 90 seconds to fall in love and should you face a breakup, it asks for a lifetime for recovery. So, won’t your be avoiding it once you know that it is painful? But, how to avoid falling in love with someone? Interested??

Train your brain well

It is a known fact that the power of a subconscious mind is the greatest power. You always get what you believe. You can be indifferent to the concept of love and can train your brain that way. Just believe that love can never meddle in your life and it will happen that way!

You don’t have to develop this feeling of hatred towards love just believe that it will happen only and only when you want it to happen. This is one of those times when you ask your brain to take control over your heart!

Separate your idea of happiness from him/her

When you meet somebody and are attracted towards him/her you begin to associate your happiness with them. You feel happy & wonderful around them and Sad & hopeless without them.

This will make you feel that you’re in love, don’t let that happen because “love is not attachment”. It’s not at all a good idea to associate your happiness with a particular person, instead, associate your happiness with your dreams and passion in life.

Realize your feelings

You always get this feeling when you are about to fall in love. You think of that particular person all day long, you long to be with that person everywhere you go, you might want to do all special things that mean a lot to you with him/her…hey catch the hint, you are falling in love.

Once you know what your feelings are and where you stand in terms of your affections, you can easily get control over it.

Get engrossed in other activities

Want to stop thinking about him/her all day long? I have a simple solution, just get involved in other activities. It can be your work, any of your hobbies…just anything that can manage to keep you engrossed.

Avoid the person you are attracted to and spend more time with your friends

Call your friends and meet them. Have fun with them and avoid spending time with the one you are attracted to. The more you spend time with the person you are attracted to, the more you’ll fall hard in love with him/her. So chill with your friends and ask your heart to chill as well!

So fellas, I hope you don’t fall in love with these tricks and even if you do, IF YOU DO, I wish that you rise in love and not fall!