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How I Felt After Having Sex With A Stranger

How I Felt After Having Sex With A Stranger
How I Felt After Having Sex With A Stranger
Photo Credit: www.pixabay.com

Fantasies have always played an important role in our lives and represent an opportunity to try some things in the privacy of our imagination, far from any pair of prying eyes or ears.

And nothing illustrates this better than sexual fantasies. They are considered a normal and healthy way to explore your sexuality. Moreover, on the horses of our imaginations, we can go as farther as we want regardless of any fear. Before, I start I would like to inform that many of you are going to find this confession a little gawky. Undeniably, one of the most (hidden) common sexual fantasy is to have sex with a stranger.

Without any shadow of a doubt, we still have many civilizations or cultures (this is a better word, I guess), where having sex with a stranger or dating concepts like no-strings-attached or one-night stand are still considered blasphemous.

But, a friend of mine recently confessed that he had sex with a stranger; a stranger who he never met before and not going to meet again in his life. “It was just a matter of seconds when we actually lost our senses and we bumped into each other.

We both were drunk and all I remember is boarding a cab and a few sessions of truth and dare game; every wrong answer means removing one minor article of clothing. After that, it was next morning when we woke up in the same bed sheet.

Fortunately, I woke up early in the morning and was waiting for her to wake up. I was making tea and saw her standing behind me. I gazed at her. I was confused. How to start? “Good morning. Do you want some tea or coffee?” I was waiting for her to reply. “Tea please,” she replied. I sensed the same confusion in her voice, the one I was struggling with. “Hey, listen! Whatever happened last night was …”

Before I could complete my line, she interrupted me, “that is okay. It was from both sides and consider it a dream. We are not going to meet again and so far we had not exchanged any contact details. So, let us not discuss this anymore. No guilt feelings and no strings attached.” She left.

It was my first experience and I was already having a lot of questions in mind. Who was she, from where she was, to what extent we played that game, hope she had not robbed me of anything, hope she was disease free and much more?

I don’t want to take any risk. I booked an immediate appointment for a blood test. Thank God! Everything was normal; no harm was caused. It took me a few days before I finally returned to my normal mode. I was now seeing this brighter side of having sex with a stranger.

Well, sex with a girl whom you never met before in your life – it was an amazing experience for me. I realized that it offered us both a good amount of security, freedom, pleasure without any worry and most importantly, there was no such thing called fear of others; what others will say about this.

I want to confess, this was really an exciting experience for me; no agreements, no compromises, no commitments, and no promises. Perhaps in real life, we all have certain inhibitions that do not let us behave in the bed as we wish. So, a game with a stranger can bring the heights of pleasure more quickly.

On the other hand, sex with a stranger can be an experiment. An experiment for you to check your skills of seduction. I know to an extent, we all dream about this. I know people who say that they think of someone else while having sex with their own partner. Do not get me wrong as I am not favoring it. In case, you are in a serious relationship, you should rethink before going for this.

To have sex with a stranger, especially if you are already in a relationship is infidelity and this may result in the death of your existing relationship. But, if you are single and don’t want to invite the troubles of being with a moron, you can try this. However, do not overdo it, those around you may not understand this game just like you.

So what do you say? Already did or are you going to try sex with a stranger?