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How do I stay fit with my busy schedule?

How do I stay fit with my busy schedule?
How do I stay fit with my busy schedule?
Photo Credit: www.pixabay.com

Work is hectic, some of us work night shifts and sleep during the day; we hardly have any time for ourselves, much less think about exercising.

We fall back on all our strict diets and end up ordering burgers, extra sides and a huge coke. Some of us put on more weight than intended, others eat as much as they want and don’t add any weight. People who feel they can skip on exercising just because they don’t look fat are horribly wrong.

Visceral fat – the fat around organs- accumulate in lean, non-exercisers, unseen to outsiders but equally as damaging. Exercising is important for a healthy and long-lasting life, new research shows that all you may need is 5 minutes of blood-pumping exercise to boost your health. But how do we squeeze those minutes from our very busy schedules?


Just watching what you eat may help you trim those extra layers. Moderation is paramount; people eat to ‘finish their food’ or ‘not to waste it’ or ‘because they paid for it’. But once it goes into you, it’ll take months to lose the fat associated. Order less, and if you are still hungry, you can order more. Give out extras/leftovers. Most importantly, avoid crash dieting.

The mere idea of cutting off chips and soda forever is overwhelming; we do better with smaller, unnoticeable changes. Rather than drastically cutting all sugar (only to binge afterwards), start small – maybe one less sugar in your tea, or half a bottle of soda rather than a full one. Taper off, this allows your tongue to get used to subtle changes and soon you’ll find yourself free of sugary foods. This is one of the easiest ways to stay trim, without breaking too much of a sweat.

Be Happy

Many people try to stay fit but hate conventional exercises. Well you don’t have to follow the majority, find something you like that makes you move your body. There are a number of pleasant activities we can indulge in – skating, swimming, cycling, dancing, badminton, tennis – or whatever activity that you enjoy that makes your heart beat fast for at least 5 minutes. You don’t have to jog or do sit-ups; kissing is enjoyable and you can lose quite a number of calories.

According to a Canadian study, sex is good cardio, a single session burning the equivalent calories as a slow 15-minute jog. All it takes is 5 minutes of activity daily which could be raised incrementally as you get happier and more comfortable with your routine.

Eat Right

Veggies, fruits, nuts and water are your best friends. But how do we stick to a good plan if we have no time at work? Well, rather than always ordering pizza, you could pay a fruit seller to drop by your office and bring you fruits. Or you could order salads as a side to your burger. Nuts and grains are known for their fat-burning abilities. Water also helps improves the feeling of satiety, making you eat less.

Working is hard and time is a precious commodity we can’t afford to waste, but let’s remember to ask ourselves what’s important – our health – or something else. We have to care for ourselves for our children, our loved ones and mostly, to live a pain-free life.

Simple changes that don’t deter from your work routine go a long way, all you need is to start.