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How Do I Prevent My Relatives From Interfering In My Family Matters
How Do I Prevent My Relatives From Interfering In My Family Matters

How Do I Prevent My Relatives From Interfering In My Family Matters

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Vishakha Rawal

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5 PM in the evening, I came back from my extra class. I saw my mom was sitting at the same place, where I left her three hours ago with Pammy aunty (my mother’s sister) and 2 other ladies. 

Sometimes I wonder whether Pammy aunty’s life is boring or our’s is way more happening. Well, I guess, our’s is way more happening, which is why she is very much interested in knowing everything about what’s going on in my life, my brother’s life, my friend’s life, oh even my dog’s life. I wish I could describe more creatively that how categorically annoying this thing is. And, I ask myself – How do I prevent my relatives from interfering in my family matters.

Maybe some people don’t understand the word “privacy”. I remember one time when I scored real bad in my exams and to my surprise, my mom took it in a positive way (only once in a million years that happens). But hey! Pammy aunty didn’t take it, somehow she was quite upset with my score and pushed my mother to have two tuition teachers for mathematics.

I always knew that no matter what mathematics is not going to be my cup of tea and with two tuition teachers along with one school teacher, I was learning to solve one problem in three different ways! Poor me, I scored worse than my previous exam as a result of all the confusion.

However, this was the problem I faced when I was a kid and I’m sure all you guys have at least one Pammy aunty in your lives. Whether it is about decisions regarding your career or regarding of you getting married or not, Pammy aunty has to have something to say, isn’t it true?

Oh, the marriage one instantly struck a chord of your heart, didn’t it? Worry not we are here to help you and these are some easy pizzy ways you can prevent all those nosy relatives from entering in your family matters:

Cut them off your social media

Thank you to all the social media sites through which the world can know about your daily outfits, your friends you hang out with, places you visit, food you eat, etc. etc.

If want your relative’s nose out from your life, just don’t add them as your friends on social media. You certainly don’t want to give them all the privilege to know about your life for free so that they can discuss it with your parents, right? So, do this first.

Show them you are not at all interested in their talks

Well, this works. Whenever they are giving you some free advice which you don’t want, show that you are least interested in whatever they are saying. They’ll understand that they need to stop right there.

Provide half information

Whenever they ask you what’s going on in your life, no matter how exciting or boring it is, don’t provide them with all the information. You don’t want trouble afterwards since they might wanna make your exciting life dull and your dull life exciting in a way you would never want, trust me!

You can give stern replies

I understand you can’t misbehave with your relatives but being diplomatic all the time doesn’t work. If you feel your diplomatic answers are not working on them and they are still very much in your matter, you can be strict once. This way, they’ll never dare to interfere in your matter again.

So, all those Pammy aunty’s interesting humans out there, We hope, we have given you enough tips!