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How do I get rid of Bad Breath?

How do I get rid of Bad Breath?
How do I get rid of Bad Breath?
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With his mouth open, he gave off that alcoholic smell that you get from an old brandy cask when you take out the bung – Emile Zola

Do you think you sometimes have bad breath? Well, don’t worry it’s not an unsolvable problem. There are many reasons why we sometimes have halitosis (bad breath); some of the time it’s normal and other times it isn’t. But, in all cases, there are many ways to banish mouth odour to the dungeons and have fresh, minty breath all day. To get rid of bad breath, we have to understand what causes malodour, then we can combat it.

Morning Breath

How many of you can kiss your partner the moment they wake up? No? I know. We all stink in the mornings. Food lodges in our teeth, bacteria act on it and produce smelly gasses. What’s worse is that at night, our saliva flow rate drops and this reduces the natural cleansing effect of saliva.

To reduce the stink, brush and floss the night before; this reduces the amount of food bacteria acts on and the quantity of stinky gas produced. You’ll also increase your chances of getting an early morning kiss.

Odoriferous Food

Food with strong smells like garlic, ginger, onions, paan and eggs, release potent gasses and stay on the tongue’s surface longer, making your breath smell like them. You can stay away from such foods or mask their smell with mints and frequent brushing.

Dental Problems

Poor oral hygiene leads to accumulation of plaque and calculus (hardened yellow, brown or green deposits) which cause malodour because they house millions of bacteria. Calculus also causes bleeding and gum disease. Sometimes, the tongue is coated with a layer of the whitish slough that produces malodour.

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Cavities create holes in teeth where food can hide and get decayed, this produces the smell of decaying food. Non-healing ulcers or swellings cause pain when brushing is attempted and this is subsequently abandoned, causing mouth odour. Whenever you notice such conditions, pay your dentist a visit.

Medical Conditions

Sometimes we brush and floss, use mints, rinse with mouthwash, visit the dentist and yet we still have mouth odour. In these cases, underlying medical conditions like stomach acid regurgitation and constipation could be the culprit. Bad breath could even be an early sign of some cancers. If you have any of these conditions visit a doctor.

Psychogenic Halitosis

If no one else can perceive any mouth odour from you and you alone can perceive it, then it is possible that you have a really sensitive nose or you might be imagining it. Confide in a close friend or relative and ask them to help you decipher if you have halitosis. If they can’t perceive any odour, yet you feel strongly about it, visit a doctor and you will be treated accordingly.

Say Goodbye to Bad Breath

Brushing and Flossing

Dentists recommend brushing for three minutes, twice daily, with a fluoridated toothpaste to prevent cavities. Flossing helps remove particles lodged in tight spaces that can cause malodour. Use a medium textured brush not a hard one as this injures your teeth and gums, and not a soft one as this doesn’t clean effectively.

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Keep Mints Handy

So, you just had fantastic onion rings and you are running late to meet up with your girlfriend, pop a mint. There are varieties of healthy mint-flavoured gum you can chew to mask any weird smells.

Love Your Dentist

As hard as it is to believe, they love you too and can help eliminate all traces of mouth odour.

Mouth odour can harm your self-esteem and relationships; it is not an easy thing to tell someone that they have mouth odour. We have to maintain personal hygiene and not put our loved ones or colleagues in that difficult position.

Next time, should you want to tell someone that her breath stinks without hurting her feelings, use this – “Hey! I’m bored, let us go brush our teeth!”