How Do I Become More Confident While Talking To People

How Do I Become More Confident While Talking To People
How Do I Become More Confident While Talking To People
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  1. Networking and connecting will take you to places.
  2. Learn the art of communicating.
  3. Some simple winning tricks of talking with confidence.

Duh! those presentations and those formal conversations! They used to always kill me from inside. You have no idea how scary they were for me, but do we have any option? No… right?

If you want to do great in life, you always have to learn how to network or connect with people. Whether it is something as small as an interview or something as big as like addressing hundreds of people at an office event; you always need to learn an art of talking. I believe there are a lot more people seeking an answer for one lifetime question – how do I become more confident while talking to people?

Are you one of them? Are you also like how I was before? Well, don’t worry, I’m here to help you out with some really nice tricks which by the way proved successful for me and I know it will for you as well.

Don’t rush into speaking

Rule no.1 is to become a good listener before becoming a good speaker. Listen well what the other person is talking about and while you are doing that, don’t think about what you are going to say after he stops.

Do one thing at a time, just listen while they are talking and speak up after they finished. This way you’ll understand the conversation properly and the other person would feel respected.

Don’t Speak too quickly

So, while you are speaking, make sure you are not speaking quickly because that shows a lack of confidence. Speak slowly, clearly and talk only when required.

Also, watch out for your tone while you are speaking. It should be audible, not too low or not too high. Normally when you get nervous you tend to speak faster and the tone gets higher than your regular conversational tone. Take care of it, it’s very important. So just calm down and chill!

Forget those Hmmms and Ummmms

The hmmms and ummmms, while you are talking shows lack of confidence and information. You really don’t want that especially while you are addressing people at any professional event or even while you are giving an interview.

Relax and know what you are speaking. Put your point with confidence. If you have time, write it down first about what you’ll be going to talk. This will never let you go out of words and will you won’t feel desperate need of fillers.

Maintain the eye contact

This is very important, keeping an eye contact while you are having a conversation shows the legibility of the information you are sending out.

Not keeping an eye contact can sometimes send out a wrong signal of you telling a lie. Also, it’s the biggest sign of lack of confidence. No matter what, when you are geared up for one-on-one conversation or public lecture, never loose an eye-contact with your listeners.

Watch out for your body language

Your body language says a lot about you. And, if you want to create an impression of a confident person, keep your head straight, wear that lovely confident smile and use a lot of hand gestures while talking.

Also, like mentioned earlier, never avoid eye-contact. You can always start a conversation with a tight handshake if you’re meeting somebody formally or with a warm hug if it’s an informal occasion.

Believe in yourself

Have faith in you and believe yourself. You are the best and you can do it. Make your mind believe that everybody likes you and loves to hear from you when you talk.

You can practice talking to yourself in front of a mirror. This way, you’ll able to understand what expressions and impression you generally send out to others while talking. Do that, this trick is really important.

I hope, after reading this, you’ll never have to face any awkward situation or any conversation where there will be a prolonged silence…