How Common is Cybersex

How Common is Cybersex
How Common is Cybersex
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  1. Cybersex, phone sex and sexting are all types of virtual sex.
  2. Cybersex is common in this generation.
  3. It helps long-distance relationships.
  4. It gives instant sexual gratification.

With the advent of technology, comes new problems and new pleasures.  Cybersex falls in the latter category and is defined as sexual arousal using Information technology, especially by wearing virtual reality equipment or by exchanging messages with another person via the Internet.

Cybersex involves the simulation of sex performed in a chat room, it involves the use of erotica, and construction of elaborate statements for the intent of achieving orgasm. Cybersex is different from phone sex or sexting.

Sexting and phone sex is done by two individuals who have exchanged phone numbers. However, cybersex is usually done in an internet chat room with an avatar that accords the participants a certain degree of anonymity. The lines between these different ways of online sex are beginning to blur with time. In cybersex, and other forms of online sex, orgasm is achieved by real-time masturbation by either or all parties involved.

How Common is Cybersex?

Between 1987 and 2007, cybersex is recorded to have increased rapidly among the young generation. Since 2007. It has continued to grow, reaching a slow plateau in 2010 when phone sex and sexting began to take precedence.

In the current generation, more people are returning to the pleasure of having sex without the added effort of meeting someone. Cybersex gives people this opportunity by connecting interested strangers on virtual chat rooms like IRCtalkers or in online role-playing games like MUDs and MMORPGs.

Why is Cybersex Common?

Cybersex has found multiple advantages that have made it increasingly popular in the current generation.

Sexual Roleplay

This allows participating members to take on different sexual roles that they may not be comfortable doing in real life. Cybersex allows anonymous members to exchange sexually explicit material, thus giving participants the chance to shed the moral and ethical constraints attached with certain sexual fantasies. For example; a man will be able to take on the role of a submissive woman and vice versa.

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This characteristic of cybersex also makes it useful to writers who want to improve their erotica writing skills. It also allows them to read statements from a member of the opposite sex, furnishing them with traits of that sex that they may not know.

Long-distance Relationships

Couples separated by distance use cybersex to stay faithful to themselves, as the couple can engage in sexual acts with each other. This helps reduce the strain of distance and fosters intimacy between the couple. People have reported feeling less lonely and sexually frustrated when they utilize the internet to have sex.

Sexual Exploration

This allows people to explore sexual options that they may otherwise have been unable to explore due to social or moral reasons. Cybersex allows people to see and try a simulated version of BDSM, incest, paedophilia or even rape. This is useful for curious people who want to expand their sexual horizon; for couples who are going through a dry spell and want to revamp their sexual life; and for couples who want to test the waters and see whether or not they will like a particular sexual category.

Instant gratification and control

Cybersex eliminates the physical need of actually meeting people, it also eliminates the waiting period between a first date and the first time a couple should have sex. Internet partners or even prostitutes are ready to provide the necessary services to ensure immediate gratification of sexual needs. Cybersex also gives control to each participant, since both have control over when they can logout.

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Cybersex has become common with our generation. Many may argue with its obvious moral, and possibly security, issues but no one can deny the advantages it gives. It allows instant sexual gratification while eliminating any chances of contracting an STD.

Cybersex users must however, learn not to divulge their personal details on these platforms to protect their security.