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How can you look seductive and fresh after a long day at the office?
How can you look seductive and fresh after a long day at the office?

How can you look seductive and fresh after a long day at the office?



  1. Sink and rinse your face.
  2. Dab with a lotion micellar.
  3. Choose glosses instead lipsticks.
  4. Opt for a ponytail hairdo

Jobs today extend far beyond the hours stated in the employment contract. But, the trouble starts, when you have to attend a club meeting or a romantic dinner right after the office hours.

After a long day at work, they have to redo the makeup and for that, they need a backup plan. Simply means, carrying an extra bag or an emergency makeup kit for transforming yourself completely in less than 15 minutes. But, do you know how can you look seductive and fresh after a long day at the office?

To start with, look for the first sink and rinse your face with a cleansing lotion. You might be tempted to apply a coat of foundation over what you already have, but the results could be downright disastrous in a good light, and you have to choose a front loaded and foundation together all folds.

So, clearly not. Better to start from scratch. If you have oily skin, dab with a lotion micellar to regulate excess sebum. If you have dry skin, necessarily apply some moisturizer after cleansing. Keep the emergency kit in your bag all these products in small format travel. Small variations, however, are very light, occupies little space, but can help when you need it most.

Once you have applied a new layer of foundation, secure it with a little powder and pass the eye makeup. Because it’s possible to have red eyes when you are tired.

Choose a more intense shade of eyeshadow on the lid, but a white or cream liner on the waterline. The White liner has an instant effect of luminosity and will highlight the whites of the eyes, mitigating redness.

Blush dark intensity of the eyelid will give your gaze and look will make you ready for a fun evening. Necessarily using much mascara, because long lashes are always sexy, plus it will help to have eyes bigger.

Blush is extremely important because it will glow your skin and you will be able to get a fresh and sexy allure. For lips, opt for a nude, not strident. You can choose glosses instead lipsticks as lipsticks are known for their dehydrates. You’re done with makeup, so we need to do something with her hair.

You need to have some elastic hair bands and clips in your bag. Comb your hair and give them volume, shaking your head down and swiping your hand through it.

You can also opt for a ponytail hairdo type, very feminine, sexy and seductive. If you have a hair spray, the effect is guaranteed. Do not forget the perfume and apply it in hot areas. In simpler terms, ear, neck, knees and wrists.

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As soon as you feel enveloped in the aroma of your favorite, trust in yourself will increase guaranteed, and your mood will shift from screaming corporate standing staring laptop, the woman sensual ready to stand out wherever you go in the evening this.