How can we celebrate our festivals differently

How can we celebrate our festivals differently?
How can we celebrate our festivals differently?
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  1. Celebrate festivals with homeless kids.
  2. Give food to the poor.
  3. Love the abandoned older people like they are your parents.
  4. Smile more.

Indian festivals are filled with bustle, bubble and plenty joie de vivre. There’s plenty hungama and the air is filled with fireworks, music and shouts of joy.

India is known for its extravagant celebrations and the varied nature of its festivals. Typically, the most celebrated festivals are Holi, RakshaBandhan, Janmaashtami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navarathri and Deepavali/Diwali. These festivals make a mark amongst Indians who celebrate in the streets and temples.

We are religious people and our traditions are important to us. There is so much we can do differently when it comes to our festivals. We can make our festivals a time to spread love to others and put a smile on their face. Rather than spending our time and money on just ourselves we can channel it somewhere else.

Be Kind

Let us take these celebrations to those who cannot afford to celebrate. During festivals, we can decide to give food to the poor, play with the homeless kids and find a way to make these less fortunate ones have a little joy in their life. Just think about carrying packets of laddoos and distributing it amongst those poor children. Imagine how happy you will make them.

We can help abandoned old people by cleaning their quarters, loving them like our own parents, and celebrating their age and wisdom.

Helping others gives us satisfaction too. There is an unquestionable joy that bubbles up in us when we are positive influences in our community. We know that we can make a difference even when it doesn’t seem like it. What better time to make people happy than when we are celebrating?

Give More

During festivals, we are fond of spending money on ourselves and our friends. But what if, for a change, instead of indulging in high-end parties, drinks and food, we donate a tiny part of that money to an NGO. We have so much to be thankful for, and so much to celebrate. It will be nice to share this celebration with less privileged ones. There are countless widows and children in need of our help. If all of us could give a fraction of our earnings to improve our community and foster good living among everyone, think how different India will be today.

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Spread Happiness

This is one of the times to reach out to people you haven’t spoken to in a while. Be meaningful in your words and thoughtful to the needs of others. Exercise forgiveness and give gifts to people, even your enemies. When you walk the streets, smile at strangers. You will be amazed at the effect a simple smile can have. Smiling makes our worries flow away, releases feel-good hormones and improves social interactions. It also makes other people feel happy too.

Festivals celebrate our heritage, culture and gods. It is time to tune our celebrations so that we can show the world, and ourselves that we are capable of being better and kinder.

This is the time to spread kindness, goodness and cheer to the people around us.