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How Can Students Avoid Procrastination And Manage Time Better

How Can Students Avoid Procrastination And Manage Time Better
How Can Students Avoid Procrastination And Manage Time Better
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Kumar Sunil

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  1. Create a timetable.
  2. Remember to take regular breaks.
  3. Give yourself something to look forward to.

Excuse me! How can you do this? How come you’re on your computer since past 1 hour when you have so much work to do! Remember that assignment whose deadline is tomorrow? Don’t tell me you are planning to cram at the last moment!

“How can students avoid procrastination and manage time better,” is a million dollars’ question. Constantly putting off the things that we really need to work on.

It’s like procrastination is something we have been mastering on along with our degree. Seriously, you need to start working on your assignment right away.

Oh! wait, it is ok to spare 5 minutes here before you head towards your assignment because today you’ll be learning how to master at avoiding procrastination!

So let’s start with a million dollar question “why”? So why do we procrastinate? What can be the reasons? Let’s brainstorm over here…lack of ideas? lack of motivation? lack of inspiration? lack of interest? lack of time?

I guess we covered almost every reason here, 90% of procrastination comes from these. Now, let’s address these problems and see what can we do to wrangle the monster of procrastination:

Lack of Ideas

This is the most common reason why we procrastinate. Lack of clarity and lack of ideas plays a huge role as to why we delay our work even when we really want to work on it.

Solution to this is to create a concrete plan and to understand what exactly needs to be done. For instance, if you have to work on an assignment on Satellites, don’t just start writing on it.

Create an approach flow first where step no. 1 will be “research”, then jotting down the “ideas” and then actually start “writing”. Hope you got the point here!

Lack of Inspiration

Oh, the inspiration! Well, there can be many like you’ll fail if you’ll not submit tomorrow’s assignment…just kidding. That can be an inspiration, but it will not help you to enjoy the process of working on your assignment.

It is important to enjoy what you do. So, the simple solution is to “reward yourself”. Go on step at a time and reward yourself after the completion of each step, it can be as little as a pizza treat! exactly treat yourself while you’re working.

Lack of Motivation

Motivation is literally an art of getting people to do things! The best way is to associate feelings with your procrastination stage.

Motivate yourself by thinking how wonderful and accomplished you’ll feel after finishing a particular task. In the case of assignment, think how stress-free you’ll feel, once you’re done with the work. This will help you for sure.

Lack of Interest

Have to do work for which you have no interest? Well, the answer is that no matter what, “you have to get that damn thing done!”

Sometimes what needs to be done, needs to be done – you have no option! Here, you’ll have to be little hard on yourself and just take an action to finish your work. No choice!

Lack of Time

Common, that assignment was given to you a week before! It’s just that you have mastered the art of procrastination that you feel you have no time.

There’s always enough time to get done with a particular task. It is all about setting priorities right! You need to prioritize things in life and start working first on things that are most important.

Common, get back to your assignment now, you really don’t want that last moment cramming, do you?