Top 5 House Renovation Mistakes We All Make

Top 5 House Renovation Mistakes We All Make
Top 5 House Renovation Mistakes We All Make
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I believe having a wonderful house is a universal dream that every person on this planet must have seen at least once in their life. And, after having it, keeping it as new as it was on the day one, is next challenge.

After spending four years in the real-estate, I know how things work in this industry. Whether it is about buying a house or constructing one, customers want to crack the best deal. But, I had several encounters with customers with a tight budget. And, to secure a deal, they intentionally leave scopes for future improvements. This is where they make mistakes because renovating a house after a few years, is a tough job. Here I am going to talk about top 5 house renovation mistakes that we all make.

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1Mistake # 1 – Buying Appliances At The End

A few months ago, I sold an apartment that was half done. Despite my suggestions about leaving space for appliances like AC, Dishwasher, Chimney, LED fitting, etc., he never listened. And, after five months, when he bought these, he had to pay for the fittings and painting again.

So, my suggestion is – first of all, make sure that every device will fit perfectly into place. It is much easier to work out the space required for incorporating each device before final touchings. By doing this, you can save yourself from many additional and useless costs.

2Mistake # 2 – Using A New Color Over The Old

This mistake is very common. Sometimes, we make only minor renovations like changing the color of the walls. This may seem simple. However, in reality, it is not. If you are not following the right steps, you can spoil your walls.

If you are about to repaint your walls, here is a golden tip for you. When you want to paint a wall in a different color, even if you are planning to use a darker shade over an open, it is very important to use a primer, a solution that allows better coverage of the paint. This solution improves the grip of the new product and covers stains on walls that otherwise will penetrate the top layer of paint.

3Mistake # 3 – Not Buying Additional Material

When I suggest my customers to buy some extra material like tiles, flooring, wallpaper, etc., they never do that. They assume that I am adding up in their overall budget. What they don’t know is – I am actually saving them a lot.

When we do things, there may be all sorts of contingencies and there is a risk of material deterioration; breakage and wastage is a part. Be it buying anything, when you buy in bulk, you will get an overall cheap price. But, when it is about buying one single item, you will be charged more. Moreover, many stores accept unopened packages, in case you left with some. So, there is no harm in buying additional material.

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4Mistake # 4 – Not Measuring Everything Twice

Why is it so hard to measure something twice? Measuring something twice can save you from additional work and costs. For example, a single mistake, while measuring the distance between the toilet and the shower door, can cost you hundreds of bucks. How could you fit a dishwasher in wrongly measured space? So, my suggestion is, always keep a measuring tape handy.

5Mistake # 5 – No Blue Prints or Photographs

There are countless cases when I was hired for extensive renovations like changing water, heating, or electrical systems that are either buried under that floors or hidden behind the walls. When asked for blueprints of the same, most of the homeowners don’t have them.

The logic is – after few years, it is easy to forget where they are hidden. In that case of extensive renovation, we are left with no option than working on estimates. Therefore, it is essential to photograph the entire house before being covered. If you have those, it will be easy for you to know, exactly what is hidden in the walls, and floors of your home.

Trust me, these tricks can really save you from various troubles and additional costs associated with house renovations. Do take the right steps in the beginning and save yourself from all those renovation mistakes.