Dating Someone Who is Married? Read this Before Going Further.

Hooking Up with Someone Who is Married? Read this Before Going Further
Hooking Up with Someone Who is Married? Read this Before Going Further
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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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  1. It is never a wise decision to enter into a relationship with someone already married.
  2. You become a puppet in the hands of someone you should not.
  3. Make an informed choice before entering into such a relationship.

Love can strike us anytime and anywhere. Most of us feel there are no rules when it comes to love. But what about dating someone who is already married? There comes a host of limitations and considerations with that.

‘Everything is fair in love and war’, said a wise soul ages ago. But not everything is fair when it comes to love. If you are dating someone who is married, reading this may be hard, but consider these things if you plan to indulge any further with them.

First of all, some situations are different for different people. While some may condemn having a relationship with a married person, others say it is perfectly normal. Why is it normal and why is it not? Most of all, it is not morally correct to be associated with someone who already has a family.

Being involved with someone is a task in itself. And an affair with someone married can turn out to be very complicated. They don’t always work out. In most cases, it leads to heartbreak. This is mostly because the married person is already bound to be with someone else their entire life. How can he/she be with you?

You cannot have a normal relationship with a married person. There is nothing but secrets there. Your best of friends may know about your relationship but your circle of friends and family may not know. Your chance for happiness is mostly dependent on the married person you are dating. They hold the key to your happiness.

There are a lot of consequences you will have to face. Given below are just some of them –

You will always remain a secret

As mentioned above, because of the thought of their wife or husband getting to know, they will never bring you out in the open. He may shower you with a number of gifts and may even love you a lot, but one thing that you will never get is meeting his friends and family.

They will not leave their spouse

It is estimated that only about 2-3% of men leave their wives for the women they are having an affair with. This is mostly because with divorce comes a lot of complications – from financial to legal and emotional to physical. Nobody wants to deal with all of that.

The fear of the spouse getting to know

The consequences of your married partner’s spouse getting to know about your illicit affair can be really hard to even imagine. This leads to the heartbreak of not only the husband/wife, but also your own. Not only will this ruin the household of your partner, but also your own. So what is it worth? Think about it.

Mentally and emotionally damaging

There is no relationship worse than the one in which one partner is already married. Initially you may be fine with the idea. But with the passage of time, you will start having problems with the fact that they are already with someone. And on top of that, because you cannot tell anyone about your affair, it will be emotionally and mentally disturbing for yourself.

You will feel used

They will call you at their own convenience. Probably when they feel it is safe to do so. You can’t talk to them or be with them when you want. You will go out with them only when they want. All of this is nothing but torture. It will only make you feel used because they will do everything at their own convenience.

The feeling of revenge

It is a well known fact that when someone does bad to us, we mostly feel like taking a revenge on them. Similarly, when things end up badly with you and your married partner, you may develop feelings of animosity with them, making  you look paranoid. You may end up taking advantage of them by giving them fear of telling their wives or husbands about your affair. Nobody wants to be called a crazy girlfriend/boyfriend, right?

They feel like they possess you

It is true that when you get into a relationship with someone who is already married, a feeling of possession comes in their mind. They will neither be happy in their own relationship with their husband/wife, nor will they let you be happy.

On top of that, a lot of people force their partners into not seeing other people and not even get married. You don’t want to be stuck in a relationship like that where you have no future with your married girlfriend/boyfriend and he/she will not let you have a future with anyone else either.

Now think about it. What worth is a relationship of this sort? Everyone has the right to be happy when they are seeing someone. You do not deserve to be someone’s side girlfriend or boyfriend of convenience. You deserve to be happy. Make an informed choice.