Homosexuality All about Gays and Lesbians

Homosexuality – All about Gays and Lesbians
Homosexuality – All about Gays and Lesbians
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Is it nature or nurture that turns someone into a lesbian or gay; a most debatable question of the century. Many types of research have already been carried out and until date scientists have not found any exact cause behind it. People are neither open nor honest about their sexual orientations because fears like ‘homophobia and heterosexuality discrimination, is abstaining them from so. Perhaps, this is one reason behind inadequate data required for research in this particular section.

Despite such data insufficiency, scientists now have strong reasons to believe that the main reasons behind the homosexuality are a genetic, hormonal and environmental influence. Let us explore a few more reasons behind increasing number of gays or lesbians.

Homosexuality and Human Anatomy

Try not to be shocked when I tell you this; being a lesbian or gay is a congenital condition much like being left handed. In historical times, left-handed people were stoned to death because it was assumed that they are possessed by evil souls. But, being a left-handed shares a direct relation with excess testosterone that slows the growth of left-hemisphere in developing the fetal brain. Definitely, not a choice, but a condition. Same is the case of being a gay or lesbian. The only difference is instead excessive testosterone, here it is too little and too late.

Most of the researchers are now focusing their studies at hypothalamus; an organ in the brain that is responsible for gender preference.

Homosexuality and Upbringing

A few studies claim that what you are being told about your sexual role plays a major role. If you are a female being upraised in an environment where females are considered inferior and if you are male or female being raised in a male/female dominant family, you might develop a hatred for the gender. There are strong possibilities that you will incline to the opposite gender. I have seen many cases where girls and boys are not allowed to go out with other opposite genders; it is considered a blasphemy.

In these sorts of cases, when they don’t have required interactions, they tend to fall for the same gender. Lack of interaction results in a lack of knowledge and thus, fathers a sense of escapism.

Homosexuality and The Past Experiences

Be it a male or female, should they have a bad experience with opposite sex like physical or mental abuse, rape, violence, bullying, or others will make people hate them. These early conflicts with opposite genders, they will leave bad memories, the shadows of those black days are going to be there for a longer duration and this is going to develop an intense fear among people about a gender particular. These all mental agonies of having an unhealthy relationship during childhood will force them to stay in their comfort zone, thus, in their adulthood they, will choose to be a gay or lesbian.

Homosexuality and Rejection

Inferiority complex is not a new concept. In most cases, inferiority complex becomes a reason behind being gay or lesbian. “He/she rejected me because he/she was straight – is a much better reply than he/she rejected me because of my disfigured looks.” In such cases, be it a man or woman, they will try their level best to avoid any possible fundamental interaction with opposite gender and they do experience the feelings of fear and anxiety.

In most cases, there are enough witnesses to people who treat their opposite sex apathetically like they don’t exist at all. This fear of rejection, ultimately mitigates their natural capacity of attraction to the opposite gender, hence, they choose to be a gay or lesbian.

Homosexuality and Sexual Conditioning

There are studies that claim that there is a strong association between our brain and different stimulants. According to Donald Hebb, “when different neural networks within the brain are fired at the same time, they create synaptic connections that can become permanent.” Same is the case with our sexual conditioning and behind this conditioning, these three techniques work – sexual abuse, childhood sex plays and early age exposure to homosexual pornography.

Homosexuality and Biological + Physical Issues

To the date, science is not sure about any connection between homosexuality and genes. It have been 20 years since medical scientists are trying to find any correlation between various genetic, hormonal, and neurological factors. But, the only fact discovered so far is – there is no direct relation between biological factor and creation of attraction for the same gender.

However, they do play a greater role in the development of these factors – particularly gender incongruity and same-sex disaffiliation. Biological or physical factors like under-height, physical deformity, concerns about genital sizes, puberty, unusual appearance, sensitiveness, emotional, and etc. There are studies that claim that brain structure (less masculine brains) do have a positive connection with homosexuality.

Homosexuality and Intense Interest

Intense interest in simpler terms is – when your needs like affection, strength, protection, and attachment are not entertained to the required extent. Be it a male or female, if you passed through such a phase, your interest for the same gender is supposed to be on a higher side. You want to have answers for all your queries and you want you unmet demands to listen. Not in all cases, but in most, people with such unmet needs incline towards homosexuality.

It is like seeing oneself different from other people of the same gender and this generally results in a mash of interests and emotions like envy, jealousy, awe, curiosity, inferiority, and others.

According to a few holy books, being homosexual is against nature. Protests and agitations about making homosexuality legal and attacks against it (The recent Orlando attack on Gay Club – Pulse) are going hand in hand. I am neither advocating nor rejecting homosexuals, but people with other sexual orientation must understand that homosexuality neither a disease nor it should be treated as a mental problem.

In fact, homosexuality has long been (and still is) a different sexual orientation, unknown and misunderstood by many. Sexual orientation change attempts are usually painful and unnecessary. When you talk with your family members or heterosexual friends, it is sometimes difficult to get them to understand this because they are not able to capture your experience. If you are homosexual, instead hiding it, you need to try to encourage others to see your sexual orientation in the same way they see the color of your eyes: something with which you are born and you have not chosen . It is a feature that you are born with, not something that you could, or should, change.

Some people think that sexual orientation is a “choice”. If you have the impression of having made a choice, accept it. We all have our own struggles and make our own choices.