Here Are The Things You Should Not Do After Breakup

Things You Shouldn't Do After Breakup
Things You Shouldn't Do After Breakup
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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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  1. Do not curse yourself.
  2. Do not repent and try to bring things back.
  3. Do not hide yourself from the world.

Once in a life time, we all had a crush and most of us had experienced the pain in our different way after having a relationship breakup. Many feel pain, anger, loss of interest in everything and start loving isolation.

There is no doubt that the world is hard after a breakup. I have seen people making false choices and doing things that they should not be doing. Well, according to psychologists, here are the things you should not do after breakup.

Do Not Soak in Anger!

Burst out. Do not keep your feelings within you. I know, nobody wants to express his feelings, especially after breakup. Medically and psychologically, neither is good. Better you talk about your anger with your best friend or write it out. Unlocking these feelings because this is how will be able to proceed further in your life.

Do Not Blame Yourself!

It is not at all your fault. Maybe the person skipping you, is not what you deserve. No matter whose fault was it, stop blaming yourself.

Do not forget, it takes two people for breakup and both are the reasons. Do not waste time searching for the culprits. Whatever happened, happened!

Do Not Doubt!

If you’re the one who made the decision, do not think that you made a mistake and you need to recheck your decision.

Respect your decision before you expects the same from others. Just try to say; it was nice while it lasted, but I still wanted to respect my decision of diversion.

Do Not Dramatize!

Many times I have seen people behaving like they are going to die after the breakup. Well, there is nothing going to happen and I am saying this with personal experience.

You are going to be better and happy in the future. Do not keep telling everyone that you are missing someone and having an ugly life without him. Life goes on!

Do Not Kid Yourself!

It is good to evaluate yourself and evaluate what went right and what the reason behind the death of your relationship. Instead feeling sad about the same, use this information to learn more about you.

Do Not Call!

Yes! And, I mean it. Do not dare to call your ex. The more you call him, the more you going to miss him. Avoid all phone calls, text messages, and also, do not try to call him or convince him to get back.

If you do so, mark my words, you’ll regret later. Instead, put your phone aside and find other things to do.

It is quite understandable that the period, in which you are, you don’t want anyone to infringe your isolation.

But, I must say, you need to go out with friends and have fun! Do not try to make him jealous, do not seek his mercy and do not harm yourself either.

We all want to love and be loved. Do not let anyone disturb your peace Enjoy the happiness of your friends!