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Things You Should Not Do After Breakup

Things You Should Not Do After Breakup
Things You Should Not Do After Breakup
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Sukhdeep Singh

Write Something To Right Something

Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.


  1. Do not curse yourself.
  2. Do not repent and try to bring things back.
  3. Do not hide yourself from the world.

Someone truly said, “be it a woman or man, we all fall in love, at least, once in a life. If not love, then crush. Some people are lucky enough with their love matters. However, there are a few who are not so fortunate. In such a situation, people express their pain in different ways.

There is no two opinion in the matter that after having a breakup, for a few people, life becomes dull. I have seen people making false choices and doing things that they should not be doing. And then they are left with no other option than paying a big price for their silly mistake. Therefore, it is better to not make any such mistake. Keeping this in mind, through this article, I will be telling you about a few things you should not do after a breakup. Refraining yourself from these blunders, will not only save you from the separation pain but will keep you moving forward.

Spit Your Anger

After the breakup, I have seen people behaving like an exceptionally calm personality. To them, bearing the pain of separation is their way of expressing love. But, I would say that this is utter nonsense. Just ask yourself, if that person is not concerned about your feelings, then what is the point of disturbing your peace of mind for him/her?

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Believe me, get rid of anger and resentment within yourself, that is, do not try to bury your anger. I know that it is not easy to express your emotions after the breakup. But if you do not do this, then you will not be able to move forward in life and will always be waiting for that person.

To keep your anger within, neither is good medically nor psychologically. Better you talk about your anger with your best friend or write it out. Flush these feelings out because this is how will be able to proceed further in your life.

Do not blame yourself!

After the breakup, everyone wants to shift the blame. And the best thing is, no one wants to take responsibility. At this point, you need to behave in a selfish way. Do not blame yourself. Stop feeling guilty. Even if someone leaves you for your shortcomings, you should think that the person leaving was not worthy of you.

No matter whose fault was it, stop blaming yourself. Do not forget, it takes two people for the breakup and both are the reasons. Do not waste time searching for the culprits. Whatever happened, happened!

Do not doubt!

If you’re the one who made the decision, do not think that you made you and a mistake need to recheck your decision.

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Respect your decision before you expect the same from others. Just try to say; it was nice while it lasted, but I still wanted to respect my decision of diversion.

Do Not Dramatize

Many times I have seen people behaving like they are going to die after the breakup. Even they know that nothing is going to happen. And, I am saying this with personal experience.

It is always hard to quit something you are really addicted too. For example, ask a drunkard, how hard it is for him to quit alcohol? Ever seen a drug addict? If you don’t allow him to take drugs, you can see him behaving like he is going to die soon. Same is the case with the breakup. However, it is all about our belief system. You have to believe before you can achieve. And once you believe, nothing is impossible.

Believe it; it is all about your determination. Deeper the relationship, the more time it takes. But, you have to convince yourself about your victory over this pain of separation.

Can I say that nobody is going to die with you, and you are not supposed to die in vain? Die for a cause that can make your family feel proud of you.

Stop being selfish. Look around! Like everyone else, you too are surrounded with those handful people, for whom, you the world. Take your parents for an example.

Do Not Kid Yourself!

After the breakup, evaluating yourself is better than behaving like a spoiled and stubborn child. As I said above, there is no point in hold yourself responsible for the breakup.

However, it is good for you to evaluate what went right and what was the reason for the death of your relationship. Instead of feeling sad and depressed, use this evaluation to learn more about you.

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This internal evaluation is important because this is how you are going to improve your understanding of relationships and will be able to behave with maturity.

Do Not Call!

Whatever happens, dare not to call your ex. The more you call him, the more you going to miss him. Avoid all phone calls, text messages, and also, do not try to call him or convince him to get back.

If you do so, mark my words, you’ll regret later. Instead, put your phone aside and find other things to do.

It is quite understandable that after a breakup, you don’t want anyone to infringe on your isolation.

But, I must say, you should go out with friends and have fun! If your ex is nearby, you are not supposed to make her jealous. At the same time, stop seeking her mercy and do not harm yourself either.

The purpose is to completely eradicate him from your mind. You must not let her ruin your happiness.

Instead of exploring your phone for your last communications, it is better to do something else. You need to improve your understanding of rejections.

Do You Have A Confusion? Ask An Expert

We all want to love and be loved. Do not let anyone disturb your peace of mind. Do keep in mind that during your life’s journey, you will be meeting many such people, who are destined to stay in your life for a short period.