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5 Hints That Your Partner Is Never Going To Marry You

5 Hints That Your Partner Is Never Going To Marry You
5 Hints That Your Partner Is Never Going To Marry You
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Sukhdeep Singh

Write Something To Right Something

Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

Since last few years, we have seen a rapid rise in the number of cases where someone gets emotionally, physically and financially exploited by another partner on the pretext of marriage. After being harassed for many consecutive years, one is left with two options; taking a legal action or repenting.

But do you know that you can save yourself from this embarrassment and confusion? All you need to do is, practice a little care while being in such a relationship. Here, I am going to talk about 5 hints that your partner is never going to marry you. Should you see any of these at any stage of your relationship, without wasting any more time, you must step back.

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1You always have to beg for the marriage

Undoubtedly, be it a man or woman; some people are very passionate about their love relationships. Specifically, those who have sacrificed everything just because they trusted their partner more than anything. Now, for them, marrying becomes a question of dignity and self-respect.

But the problem with these kinds of people is, they are so shy about sharing their heart feelings. They think, by asking for marriage they are going to upset their partner. To them, asking for marriage an embarrassing question. Moreover, they had already experienced the denials; every time they try to talk, their partner gets furious. But once the situation gets out of control, they had to beg for it.

In my advice, if your partner gets upset at the mere mention of marriage even after spending a good amount of time, then it is a clear sign that your partner is never going to marry you. Once you tell your partner that you are helpless without him/her, they will definitely make you beg for it.

So, if you are asked to beg for it, it is better to discontinue. Show some respect for yourself and don’t waste your time on such a loser.

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2I am waiting for the time

Well, it sounds so mature and responsible when your partner says he/she is waiting for the right time. But don’t forget, this could be another tactic to slow the process. I am not saying that you need to be very quick with your wedding decision.

However, there must be a defined right time i.e. you both must agree upon a right time. To have a target is a good thing because you need many other things than love for a happy marriage. However, once you hit that target that you fixed for your marriage, you must not postpone the decision any further. And if your partner keeps on postponing it, then you must not wait for him/her. Your partner is not at all interested in you and has some other important things to do in his/her life than marrying yours. Such a person will never marry you.

3Let us live together without marrying for sometime

If your partner really wants to get married, then he/she will ask for marriage and not for a trial. They will never try to find a way to delay marriage by suggesting a probation period in which he/she can live with you as if you were married. The only purpose is just to make sure you both are compatible. This is nothing, but utter nonsense.

If your partner is asking for such stupid things, then it is a clear sign that he/she is not going to marry you. You need to understand that such kind of proposals have two motives –

  1. Physical, mental, and financial exploitation
  2. To adjourn the marriage decision or the conversation as long as possible

Just give it a thought! If someone likes you, then why he/she needs a trial? For God sake, we are humans and not some machines that someone needs to test before buying.

If your partner also asks your for such baseless favors, then it is better to get rid of him/her because he/she is neither serious about you nor about the relationship.

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4I will talk to my family when the right time comes

We are in the 21st century. To fall in love with someone in this century is as easy as creating an account on any social media website. There is no doubt that 95% of the love affairs are just for fun. Only 5 percent of the couples are serious about their relationship.

Out of these 5 percent, most of the couples want to keep their relationship secret. And when they are asked to share this relationship with their family, most of them have a permanent excuse; “I will talk to my family when the right time comes.” Unfortunately, in many cases, that right time never comes.

Now, there is no rocket science behind this simple logic. We only hide, when we know that our parents are going to reject it. If everything is going great and you see no chance for parents’ disapproval, but still your partner is making excuses, then you should understand that he does not want to marry you.

When your partner tries to hide it from his family, there are two clear reasons behind it –

  1. You partner knows that his/her family is going to refuse.
  2. The relationship is made just for fun and your partner barely takes you as his/her life-partner.

In such a situation, you should end that relationship without too much expectation.

5Postpone the wedding date in the future as far as possible

This is true for couples who set the wedding date to be several years after the engagement. As the date approaches, your partner moves the date forward in the future. In all aspects of life, people tend to postpone things that they do not look forward to. It is all about priorities.

If the wedding that you expect so much has been reprogrammed by your partner as soon as he has gotten close enough to the time, then he/she sends you a message that he/she is not at all interested in getting married.

Do You Have A Confusion? Ask An Expert

If you find yourself in any of these scenarios, then your time and energy should be channeled into finding a partner who is truly willing to marry and not expect your current loved one to decide on that. These are just a few warning signs that can open your eyes and you should pay more attention if you do not want to repent later in your life.