Have you heard about the latest skin product Bio-Oil

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“6 se 8 hafton mein laye naya nikhar (feel the difference within 6 to 8 days use).” Are you fed up of all these fake skin care products’ advertisements? Be it a beauty store or a particular make-up sections of a departmental store; you will discover racks madly full of countless beauty products with amazing packaging and offers. Each one of them seems like shouting, “I am the best. Buy me, you won’t regret. And, on top of these, unbelievable claims these products brag about.” From the last few decades, these businesses are successfully triggering the inferiority complex of ours; a feeling of general inadequacy because of our looks. But, what if I tell you about another amazing product – Bio Oil, which is already number product for stretch marks, scars, ageing skin, dehydrated skin and uneven skin tones.

Formula of Bio-Oil

In simpler terms, Bio-oil is a combination of plants extracts and vitamins. A lot of ingredients like Vitamin A and E, plant oils (Chamomile, Calendula, Rosemary, and Lavender) and last, but very important ingredient – PurCellin Oil make this product a must have. Try exploring the product on Amazon, you will discover thousands of healthy reviews from its customers.

How to use this product

Do not expect early results; Rome was not built in a day. For better results you need to use it for at least three months. The best practice is – apply bio-oil on the desired area and give it a massage in a circular motion. Keep doing it unless the oil is not fully absorbed.

Unknown uses of this product

So far, bio-oil is much famous as a solution for pregnancy stretch marks. Should anyone use it during pregnancy and before delivery, she can expect awesome results. However, this product has countless other wonderful uses.


Have a face with radiant effects

glowingfacegirlA beautiful, smooth skin starts with a good foundation. Apply a small amount of oil on your face before applying foundation. Don’t panic; it is perfectly fine to use bio-oil on your face. Bio-Oil does ensure that foundation is properly and evenly absorbed. Throughout the day, you will be having a wonderful dewy glow. After applying foundation, should you want a shiny highlighter, applying a little oil on your cheekbones for a radiant effect, is a recommended idea.

No need to hide your cracked heels

beautifulfeetThe groomed feet that you have right after a pedicure, you obviously want to keep as long as possible. So make sure the skin of your feet remain soft and supple. Lubricate your feet every day with Bio-Oil. Not only this will keep your feet smooth, but this will also cure any cracked skin on the heels. The advanced formulation of Bio-Oil actually helps in retaining moisture and it also increases the elasticity of the skin.

Do a favor to your Eyes

eyesmakeupremoverBio-oil is a best and safest eye make-up remover, so far. Apply a few small drops of oil on a cotton ball in order to remove your eyes make-up in a gentle way. Its unique formula and every time it works effectively. Unnecessary scrubbing is also not good for sensitive skin around your eyes. You can use bio-oil even if you are on waterproof make-up. In addition, bio-oil nourishes the delicate skin and works like conditioner on your eyelashes and eyebrows.

Best aftershave balm

Do you know, bio-oil is a perfect aftershave? Before you shave, make sure your skin is smooth and hydrated. Apply a small amount of Bio-Oil on the shaving area and it will not only protect the skin from any further damage, but also keep it at a soothe. We know, excessive showers, shearing, heating and air-conditioning have a direct impact on the natural oil of our skin. This oil fills the skin’s natural oils and nourishes the dry skin. Being a hypoallergenic skin care product, bio-oil is suitable for all skin types .

Best solution for exfoliation

This wonderful bio-oil, you can use for “exfoliating” treatment. Those who don’t know what exfoliation means – it is about removing dead skin cells and having a radiant & smooth skin. For doing so, pour a small amount of Bio-Oil in the bowl and mix it with a handful of coarse salt (dannedaar namak). Scrub gently on your body and then rinse thoroughly. Finally, a clean, soft, and smooth skin.

Home Spa Facial

spaathomeIdeal spa treatment for you after a long, stressful day. Have a bowl with warm water and add five drops of Bio-Oil to it. Dip a thin (facial) cloth and wring it. Place it over your face and relax for a few minutes . And, guess what, you feel your face hydrated again and refreshed too.

Bio-oil is seriously not a product for the babies as toddlers are very sensitive. Another important factor – do not expose yourself to the sun after applying it (skin tanning issues) and in case you need to – apply a good amount of sunscreen before stepping out. I am not promoting it in any manner. It just an honest opinion that I thought I must share with you. However, buyer’s discretion is always requested.