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Are You A Boring Person – Six Habits of A Boring Person

Are You A Boring Person – Six Habits of A Boring Person
Are You A Boring Person – Six Habits of A Boring Person
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You are talking to someone and after some time, you feel like the whole conversation seems meaningless. I’m sure you must have experienced this.

It is not always you on the listener’s end. Sometimes, you are the speaker and people prefer to cut your chat short. Do you know why this happens? The simplest answer is – loss of interest. And, that happens, when you start boring people. So, the question is – what makes you are a boring person? Here is the six habits of a boring person.

1Boring People Can Suck The Soul out of Any Topic

As I stated in the beginning; boring people have nothing to say in the conversation. When a discussion is initiated, you can either expect a silence from them or useless arguments. They have nothing to say, but if they participate, they love to stretch the discussion. After some time, you will find that they had already sucked the soul out of the topic.

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2Boring People Strive For Others’ Opinion

No doubt, we all want to establish a positive image among others. We want people to trust us and for that, we do our best. But, there comes a time, when people start taking this trust thing very seriously. In simpler terms, they try to please everyone. And, for this purpose, they shift their complete focus on what people think of them.

Do make sure that everyone is happy, they start behaving like a fake person. This fear of upsetting others prevent them from expressing their true personality. They become ‘yes-man’ with no difference of opinion.

3Boring People Don’t Have Anything To Add

The only purpose of discussing things with others – understanding the various point of views. And, there is no point of discussing something with you, if you are not going to offer your opinion, but a yes.

Being a yes-man, boring people have nothing to add. Discussing something with them is more likely talking to a mirror; replicates your expressions only.

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4Boring People Are A Person With Negative Attitude

There is no harm in complaining when things go wrong, yet it should not be the general state of a person. Consistent complaints without seeking a solution are tedious. These kinds of people are more concerned with expressing feelings than solving their problems.

If you are the person who complains a lot or who always have sad stories to tell, you are a boring person. There is nothing more uninteresting than a person who remains caught in a constant negative attitude.

5Boring People Only Loves To Speak And Not Listen

It is not about being an introvert or an extrovert. It is about, how you see the outer world and are you ready for some new opinions that are not in your favor? This is a nothing, but a harmful form of narcissism.

There are people, who get bored quickly if the whole conversation is not directed to something they like. These kinds of people believe that they are always right and they don’t need suggestions. If you are one of them, then you are a boring person. Always remember that people love to work and connect with those, who are not only good speakers, but listeners as well.

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6Boring People Are More Likely A Frog In The Well

Some people get really upset when they are asked to take a step further from their comfort zone. They prefer to live in their own bubbles. They do not want to change because they fear to adopt new things. These people avoid encountering new people and they hate when asked to get out of their routine.

These kinda people are a more likely frog in the well. And, if you are the one, then do keep in mind that by not leaving your comfort zone, you are actually losing many opportunities.

These are the six traits of a boring person. Do you have any more? Please update my list.