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Gynecology Problems You Must Discuss With A Female Gynecologist

Gynecology Problems You Must Discuss With A Female Gynecologist
Gynecology Problems You Must Discuss With A Female Gynecologist
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In India, talking about sexual problems is still a big issue, especially in the case of females. The concepts of sex education are still in books or advertisements.

Despite being the second-largest population of the world, parents still get pissed off when their kids asked sexual health related questions. For an unmarried, visiting a gynecologist can raise questions on her reputation. Anyhow, without going much into that context, I would like to talk about a few gynecology problems you must discuss with a female gynecologist.

How To Avoid A Urinary Infection?

Most females don’t know that urinary infections are one among other are very common gynecology problems. According to the various obstetricians and gynecologists, if you are experiencing frequent urination, burns in urination, lower or abdominal pain, you can consider them as symptoms of urinary infection.

The best possible solution to prevent urinary infections is you must urinate before and after intercourse. Additionally, you can also drink cranberry juice for the same.

Why I feel dry?

Effective lubrication is the key because vaginal dryness can lead to pain and frustration. According to the expert gynecologists, “estrogen depletion is the real reason behind vaginal dryness.”

As a solution, they recommend the use of lubricants, kegel exercises, and many probiotics.

The Unpleasant Odors In The Vaginal Area?

The idea that the genital area must always smell clean is actually promoted by society and the big companies selling solutions for this. Most people don’t know that these companies that are selling solution are the real culprits.

However, according to many female gynecologists, the best solutions to get rid of those unpleasant odors are drinking two liters of water per day, avoiding alcoholic drinks, eating fruits and vegetables.

In case, you notice a drastic change in the smell and if it is accompanied by abundant secretion, you must visit a female gynecologist.

Is It Okay To Have Sex In Periods?

According to specialists, there is no problem in having sex during menstruation. Experts say that you can have sex even if you are in the red period of the month.

However, do keep in mind that you must have protected sex because the genital area is more susceptible to infection and other gynecology problems during this period.

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Why Do I Bleed During Sex?

Next in my list of the gynecology problems is – bleeding during sex. Ladies! There is no harm in asking this question. However, your silence about this scenario is not good at all.

If you bleed during sex, do not be embarrassed to ask your gynecologist. You must learn the reasons behind that bleeding. The cause could be a minor one, such as uterine polyps or a simple inflammation of the cervix, but could be serious one such as cervical cancer.

Change In The Genital Area’s Skin Appearance?

You need to be very careful about the changes in genital area’s skin appearance. Do not hide it, and you must share this information with your gynecologist, especially if it is a change in the color or texture of the cutaneous tissue. These may be a sign of a benign lesion of vulvar skin, called lichen sclerosus.

In case it is left untreated, the disease can cause thinning of the skin at this level, which leads to the appearance of pain during sexual intercourse or even injury to the cutaneous tissue through sexual friction. Early detection is very important for successful treatment.

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Why Do I Accidentally Drop Urine?

Urinary incontinence affects a large number of women of all ages. The problem occurs more frequently in perimenopause and after menopause.

This condition can be particularly embarrassing, and it can seriously affect your social life. Most of the times, women prefer to keep this problem very secret.

However, you should talk to your gynecologist about this. Urinary incontinence can be treated by changes in lifestyle, weight loss, bladder training, medical treatment, or surgery.

So, next time you visit a female gynecologist, do not hesitate to discuss these gynecology problems because your silence about these can be very dangerous for you.