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Guys! Don’t be an emotional fool. Learn to Make fool Emotionally.
Guys! Don’t be an emotional fool. Learn to Make fool Emotionally.

Guys! Don’t be an emotional fool. Learn to Make fool Emotionally.

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.


Century 21st and you are a single bachelor soul!” Dude, something is #off the beam here. No offense, we all are becoming inhabitants of such a world where affection means formality and formalities are artificial.

Falling in love is so freaking easy, just uncork your imaginations and bottle your commonsense, you will definitely meet your love. Technological changes have successfully dominated this human emotion and this profound expression has undergone a sea change.

No wonder, we all find it difficult to develop a sense of liking for other via phone or while texting. Every single/lovelorn teenager nowadays is struggling for a way out; they don’t want to taste the embarrassment of being alone.

The #million-dollar question here is, “how to bell the cat? From where to start and who will?” Guys, you need to learn how not to be one among other emotional fools.

Well, it usually begins with texting until the duos (lovebirds) are not confident about the #Date. Winning a date is more likely conquering the levels of Candycrush or Subwaysurfer. We have levels here, starting from texting, chatting, talking and finally, dating.

Let me be honest here, most of the players are put on the block at very first stage i.e. texting. Expected reactions thereafter are, “I do not know what went wrong? She was probably using me. She is streamlined with multiple guys. She is a blah blah.”

Despite endless self-condolences, rejected souls are restless for not finding the real reasons. We got to confess, after rejections, most of us madly looks for a guide to texting girls and winning their approval.

Let me share a few techniques that I learned from various PUAs (pick-up artists) for stirring their interest and keeping them hooked. These really worked for me and I guess will work for you too.

My discovery says; learn a little to play with words.

“Texting” for sure helps to woo a girl without having been out with her on a date. Most important thing here is, “maintain certain etiquette rather than indulging in free expressions.” Don’t put her off because this will put you off too.

Expression and choice of words matter the most.

When you are texting, dare not to overlook the importance of these expressions, pour as much as you can. Do not hesitate to use flattery words or smileys. Make a conversation as live and meaningful as you can. A little creativity can help to win brownie points

Learn more about open-ended and female oriented questions.

This will not only keep her hooked but also will provoke her to voice her sentiments. Asking close-ended questions means killing the conversation and limiting it.

Be smart; do your #R&D.

Always vote for meaningful expression. Focus must be on gathering maximum information about the girl. For instance, what she may like, where she would like to eat, what is her idea of date and so on. Get yourself tailored accordingly and leave no scope of losing her.

Girls are talkative, they love to talk endlessly and on anything, they like. It is just their second nature to do so. Patience and attentiveness to her every text is what she always expects. In order make her your girl, never lose your cool and always be prompt to return all the texts.

Never ever, show your greediness and neediness.

Keep your options open and shy not to mention this diplomatically. This will naturally arouse her curiosity and she will be more attentive towards the texts.

The keys are Patience, Attentiveness, Etiquette and a little mix of Diplomacy. Try it and see if any of these work for you.