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Goodbye – Sometimes Quitting is All You Need
Goodbye – Sometimes Quitting is All You Need

Goodbye – Sometimes Quitting is All You Need

Sometimes by losing a battle, you find a new way to win the war.

Kumar Sunil

Kumar Sunil

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Creative. One word says it all for Sunil. A engineer, an enthusiastic and conscientious Information Technology consultant by profession, Sunil shares a special interest with entrepreneurship and lifestyle.


“I have read motivational books, listened to hundreds of motivational lectures and have been to countless encouraging spiritual and motivational seminars. But, still every morning I feel like – I am a loser. Why?

Life is all about taking advantage of opportunities. But, what if you are not grown up that way. Maybe you have been taught to keep your interests at the farthest, and that too by someone who keeps his/her interest on the priority. You have been told to not to behave in a selfish way by someone who is completely selfish. In simple terms – improper and wrong upbringing. In such cases, no motivation will work unless you work; sometimes quitting is all you need.

How quitting something can be a source of motivation? Quite strange! Isn’t it? Let me break it for you. By quitting I mean, giving up something that is holding you back from having something.

Quitting An Opportunity

Let me ask you one very simple and straight question. We all have dreams or at least one dream. What do you think is holding you back from grabbing your dream?

Let me say, I am a programmer and I am doing that coding crap because I want to survive. In real, I want to be a photographer. Every time, I talk about submitting my resign from the programmer’s job, my boss offers me an increment. And, for a few extra bucks, I postpone my dream.

So, practically, it is always an opportunity that holds you back from an opportunity. So, quitting that opportunity that is holding you back from your dream, is what I am talking about.

Quitting A Toxic Relationship

Do you know how badly a toxic relationship can affect your dream and your mental peace? Yes, true it is. You need to admit it, there are people who share a negative correlation with you; your happiness make them sad and your sadness makes bring them joy. But, they are good at the faking thing.

Develop your emotional intelligence. There is no use of suffering for a relationship, especially the one for whom your suffering is not concerned. And, the funniest part is – you are in pain just to be in their good books.

They keep you busy with their fake empathetic, sympathetic stories and will make you feel like they are very much shattered because of your failures.

You are going to take them as your well-wishers, but in reality, they are diverting your attention from your strengths. They are not letting you out of your sorrows and after some time, you will start enjoying their comfort speeches.

You need to decide. What makes you happier; comfort speeches or your dream? Friendly speaking, you need to quit that someone, who only got consoling speeches for you. And, you need to friend with someone who can talk about your foolishness on your face.

Quit Your Comfort Zone

I want everything, but I want it in my way.” This is the biggest bubble we live in. To have something that you never had before, you need to do something that you never did before.

Before you can change anything, you need to change your attitude; attitude towards how you see things and how you distinguish between opportunities and distractions.

It is more likely practicing the same question again and again and dreaming of scoring distinction in the paper; not going to happen.

You need to quit your comfort zone and you need to stop believing in crystal ball readings. Things will happen only if you make them happen. Even a baby needs to cry for the milk and to have your name among other Everest climbers, you have to start your journey from a local mountain.

Quit habits that are pulling you back and give up your comfort zones.

Giving up, sometimes becomes very important and only doing so you will be able to find something new. Nobody in the world wants you to realize your powers and no one is going to help you in doing so.

It’s only you, who can help you finding out your own hidden supernatural powers. So, quitting is important, but you must learn what to quit when to quit and where to quit.

If you are brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello.