Good People Do Not Suspect The Wicked People

Good People do not suspect the Wicked People
Good People do not suspect the Wicked People
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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

There are certain wicked people in the world that you can’t deal with except by force. John Keegan

As a teen, selfish, mean and wicked people were the biggest turn-off for me; I was in a literal hate with those. The filthy maneuvers of getting their work done without giving a damn about the feeling of others used to disturb me a lot. Every time after facing the music (after being ditched), I used to cry on the shoulder of my granddad. Why me! Grandpa? I still remember his words about good people and perhaps, now I have learned the true meaning of those.

“The world is full of wicked and selfish people, but their wickedness should not make us change our way of being and make us distrusting all those around us,” my granddad used to tell me this.”

It was him, who told me that it will never be my fault, but that of those who try to take advantage of yours. Sometimes we can be very childlike. We do not see coming double intentions, hidden selfishness or falsehoods and kindness wrapped in a gift paper.

Spitefulness, betrayals or acts of self-interest are very common things in today’s relationships. There are those who believe that “wrong thinking” can be imposed on the victim, but the people who simply prefer to see the best of everything, they do not share the same vision for those events.

Wicked people are always surprised to find the ability in those that are good.Luc De Clapiers

A heart full of the nobility will always look at the brighter side of the people, prefers to surrender, give new opportunities and will always favor practicing confidence. The recent statement of psychologist and researcher Howard put the whole world in a surprise.

According to this great researcher on human intelligence, “the wrong people are never good professionals. They can achieve success, but never excellence. For Gardner, the right people are those who do not seek recognition, but are motivated in their work because they want to provide good and mutual benefit.”

It is the vision that makes a person a good professional and not the wickedness or selfishness. The same thing happens in the private and relational environment. This personal excellence is achieved only by promoting other people’s well-being and respect through reciprocity.

One who barely practice emotional openness and seeks only self-interest, won’t be able to build links, and won’t be creating bridges. But, the major problem is that people with good intentions and noble heart, they do not understand those bad intentions, hence, they suffer in their professional life.

According to various scientific studies, nearly 60% of people say that on an average the speak three lies a day. Here we include omissions, exaggerations and even serious lies that are motivated by selfish interests.

We may conclude by saying that there are white lies and big lies, which would be the most destructive. For a wicked person using deceptive behavior to achieve his goal is not a big deal. Experts in human behavior tell us that everyone is after seeking the maximum benefits of all those around them.

A wicked person listen to deceitful lips; a liar pays attention to a destructive tongue. Proverb 17:4

However, it is very common to expect the respect, gratitude, tenderness, love, friendship in return. People who hide a few drops of wickedness and a pinch of selfishness in their heart, subtly manipulate others to get what they want.

Then produces a clear dissonance between their true feelings and actions they implement. It’s a behavior we can not predict and, again, I would say that good people do not suspect. The heart of nobility does not anticipate the actions concerned.

Here are the reasons why many people with noble hearts, fails to anticipate the wickedness:

  • Wickedness or selfishness behaviors are generally concealed and are not easy to see or sense.
  • Good people are characterized by their great empathy. And, empathy means behaving sensitively to other people’s emotions, such as sadness, joy, need, worry. Wicked people are a master at playing with others emotions and for them, trapping a noble heart person is like a child’s play.
  • Another fact to be taken into account is that when someone searches for us to do something, it uses the subtle art of deception and manipulation.

In general, tenderness, friendship, and endless positive emotions are triggered in us, and it makes us fall into their clutches in minutes. Disappointments are very common in the heart of a good person.

Hardly anyone has a radar to capture the wickedness of others or double intentions. This is why the disappointment is greater and we are disappointed because of the pain caused by the deception.

We are upset with ourselves because we did not anticipate, and we were too naive. However, before torturing you with this type of destructive thoughts, we have to accept what happened as an experience, a learning experience.

The disappointments we have to open our eyes, but never close our heart. Otherwise, we would not be ourselves and that’s something we cannot let it happen.

Do not let the behavior of others require you to be someone you’re not.