Good Intentions DO NOT work. Brave Efforts, though.

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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

People will judge you by your actions, not by your good intentions. You may have a heart of gold, but so does a hard-boiled egg.

It is already June here and I am just wondering about my resolution that I had on 1st January 2016. Now, this resolution thing is making me feel like a school student standing in front of God’s idol and pleading – “Dear God! Let this semester go. I will study hard for next semester.” No wonder, I am no different from that 98% of people who had to conclude on February 1 that the weather had not been able to keep them me out. After trying this for a year, now I fortunately, found something else that really works and works great. Want to know what that is?

Your body has her own wisdom

We think too often that we can control our lives with our heads. We make a decision and then we carry out that simply. Right? Unfortunately, this is too simple in many situations. Your body has its own wisdom.You can still remember so you do not have to be afraid of spiders, but your body is still scared blankly and suddenly creeps away on seeing a spider under the couch. If you are least afraid of spiders. Even though you know you’re much bigger and stronger and the spider is not a threat to you’re probably looking for someone else to remove the spider, while you with the clammy sweat in your hands and your legs raised sitting on the couch. It is not only about spiders or lizards. It could be anything non-life-threatening case where you sweat or break like a job interview or presentation etc. You need to rule your brain before you allow something else to rule it.

Your body does not like changes

Our head either determines our consciousness, but a small part of how our body reacts. Mother Nature has taken good care of us by our major bodily functions such as our blood pressure, our heartbeat, our breathing, our digestion and more of these processes do not leave it to our head. Otherwise, we as humanity probably extinct long ago. A large of our body functions without our interference. Despite, being cleared about this fact, we constantly keep thinking that we can control our bodies with our minds? We think that if we only intend to steal or not to quit smoking, our body will listen obediently and do what we tell it to do? How often should you still bumping your nose before you realize that something works?

I don’t cuff for a season, I cuff for a reason, 100 degrees or freezing, once I’m with you there’s no leaving. Thomas Child

How bad you want it

No doubt, many times our good intentions of changing something is simply a result of – “we do not want it anymore.” It is all about how bad we want that something!Take an example – you decide losing weight because you want to look fit and you got to reduce weight because otherwise you are going to damage your heart. What is more painful? You won’t shed a single calorie if it is only about looking fit, but when it comes to a life-threatening situation, you immediately start working. You will be on your marks for a weight-reduction program because the pain of heart-related issue is something very large. In simpler terms, if pain is not large enough, it won’t work as a motivator. Even if you start, after a few days your old customs will pull you back.

Without own goal, you're not on the road

Pain becomes an insufficient motivator of carrying out good intentions on a permanent basis. What helps better is having a target where you want to go. It is okay if you decide to spend twice a week in the gym or you want to give up on your habit of having sweets. But, the question is what purpose do you want to achieve? Being a full of life and healthy personality is a good thing, but nobody on his/her deathbed says, “My life was successful because I was so full of life and healthy!” What do you do with this sort of vitality and health? What is your fundamental purpose? Without having an own goal, you probably will be working on targets of others. To get you out of bed early in the morning with energy, you need a goal and not good intention or resolution.

If you want to unfold things, start with your cuffs first .

Discover your ogling perspective

Want another job, a (new) love affair, attend a cycling holiday with your partner or a new course? Or perhaps volunteering with disabled children or start your own business? What is your ogling perspective for the upcoming years? Where would you like to get out of bed? If you do not yet know is not bad. Many people do not know well. It is there for, to find something that makes your heart beat go faster, where you will be excited about. Do not let others tell you what is important for you; what really matters is to understand what is important to you?

Let the universe what you want

I can make a recommendation of following a vision board wholeheartedly. Should you want more travel, find pictures of beautiful places in the world. Want to start your own business, then find it. Want a job at a top restaurant? Find a suitable icon. Let yourself surprise especially when creating your vision board. What information are you suddenly excited about? Do not think too much about it, subtract one hour for a day out and put on good music. Let mainly join your subconsciousness and try to stay a little out of your head. So do not be too hard. Discuss your dreams with someone dear to you to make yourself more focused about it; hang your vision board in a place where you can see it regularly.

Not good intentions, but energetic habits

I am convinced that by making a vision board lets you know your subconscious mind what you want and how are you going to help yourself about that. I also say that I let the universe through my vision board know what I want. With my brave dreams in mind, it is much easier for me to take good care of me and bring healthy, energetic habits 80% in practice. If I want to go skiing again for the first time after a decade, it is wise for me to work on strong bones, healthy eating habits and a lot of muscle building movement. If I want to learn horse-riding, I’ll need courage and perseverance. This can never happen to me if I am on a moderate diet, lack of exercise, too much sugar and too little sleep. The idea is – a change from within.

Where to start from is most complex, but highly essential scenario to understand. The starting point for changes in your life can be traced from the situation you embrace yourself. Complete. Only then is there a way open to change. A change that you need to make every day. Change by taking small steps. Our body is a slow organism, it feels comfortable with small changes. If you still want to make good intentions formulate them in terms of “a little more of this and a little less of that” instead of “from now on I will do this or that 100%.” It feels so much better when you yourself do not have to sit on the head because something has failed!

Embrace yourself as you are and where you stand. Besides, any time is a good starting point for a brave life full of life!