Girls – How to Get Ready Faster

Girls – How to Get Ready Faster
Girls – How to Get Ready Faster
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  1. Prepare your clothes, shoes and accessories the day before.
  2. Wearing red lip rouge alone can revamp your look.
  3. Invest in good hair tools.
  4. Have confidence to go makeup-free.

Women around the world can spend up to two hours a day getting ready, how do we reduce this time?

A recent poll of 1000 women showed that women spend an average 722 days perfecting their beauty regimes. That is two whole years of a woman’s life spent on applying makeup, selecting outfits and matching accessories. On weekends, the amount of time dedicated to getting ready doubles. The time spent on getting ready tests the patience of partners and friends, and can even be responsible for unpunctuality to workplaces and appointments.

If you are looking to cut your beauty routine, here are some tips:

Select Your Clothes, Shoes and Accessories the Day Before

If you plan on attending a party or event, pick your clothes the night before. If you are free during weekends, try to pick a complete set of clothes, shoes and accessories for the week. This eliminates unnecessary decision time during the week, and frees up time for other routines.

Hair Routine

Wash your hair with a shampooing conditioner, this means you don’t have to shampoo and then condition. This reduces the time spent washing your hair. If possible, wash your hair the night before.

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Invest in high quality hair tools. A good blow dryer that produces an increased volume of hot air will dry your hair quicker. The same goes for curlers and straighteners. If you don’t use external heat, wrap your hair in an absorbent towel while doing your makeup. This dries your hair while you are busy with other routines.

Another quick styling option is braiding your hair the night before. Put your hair in 4-6 braids and go to bed. In the morning, press with a hot iron, and loosen; you will have easy curls that can be locked in place with a good hairspray.

Makeup Routine

The main reason women wear makeup is to showcase flawless, healthy skin and highlight their natural features to enhance overall beauty. Healthy skin that requires minimal makeup, will cut your makeup time by a huge percentage.To this end, drink lots of water, moisturize your skin and don’t pick pimples.

Here are some makeup tips that can help slash the time you spend getting ready:

Use a multi-purpose foundation

Concealers and foundation that work to cover scars, uneven pigmentations and dark spots are ideal as a single application does the job. This eliminates several steps of blending different concealers to get the ideal coverage.

Lip Makeup

Invest in a good matte or glossy red lipstick. Red lipstick has a way of glamorizing the entire face and can be used alone without any other facial makeup. If you are running late, apply a thin coat of concealer and red lipstick and you are good to go.

Eye Makeup

Sometimes all you need to do is curl your lashes, apply mascara, a neutral lip shade and you are ready. This can revamp your look by opening up your eyes and making you look more alert.

You can also choose eye palettes that dictate where each shade should go. This way you don’t have to think about which shade to apply on the inner and outer brow as it has already been dictated for you.

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A simple trick to brighten your eyes, is to apply a thin layer of deep blue eyeshadow to both your upper and lower eyelids. This brightens the entire face in no time at all.

Beauty routines are designed to boost attractiveness and confidence levels. Build your self-esteem so that you can go makeup free if you are running out of time.