Get your bags ready Let’s Go for a holiday

Get you Bags Ready – Let's Go for a Vacation
Get you Bags Ready – Let's Go for a Vacation
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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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“When you expose your brain to a whole new environment, new or complex, its neurons grow and increase its efficiency.”

Are you sick of your monotonous schedule that is turning you into a personality with no joy? It is good to be workaholic because otherwise you won’t be able to increase the credit figures on you bank book. But, all work and no play make jack a dull boy; you will be both bored and boring. No doubt, humdrum schedules of ours is one among other prime reason behind the family disturbances.

We are so busy solving the ‘life’s rubik’s cube’ that the question of survival is transforming every little moment of joy into negativity and hatred. I mean, what is the use of earning money when you get no time for enjoying it? Spending quality time is not only important for self, but for our relationships as well. Come on! Look out of your office cabin window, it is a beautiful world out there.

Do your life a favor, keep your work commitments aside for a while and pack your bags; build up your mood, buckle up to feel the charismatic beauty of this planet and grab the opportunity of refilling yourself with energy. Now, even medical science says that traveling is a boon for health. Allow me to walk you through a few benefits of traveling.

Holidays offer Better Sleep and Lower Blood Pressure

It is medically proved that taking a break and going for vacation directly attributes to our health especially the sleeping and blood pressure areas. In this context, innumerable studies were carried out.

Amazing results were drawn after measuring factors such as blood pressure and sleep quality in subjects who went on holiday for two weeks. After comparing these, with the results of those who skipped a break in the same time and stayed at home or work at home and work, it was found that those who came from holidays, had both lower blood pressure and better sleep quality.

The scientific reason is – traveling lowers your blood pressure and you get a better sleep in general. It also strengthens your immune system as will be dealing with different local foods and environments.

A Journey can Reduce the Risk of Heart Attack

As travel helps in lowering the stress levels, it can help you with an improved sleep quality with lower blood pressure for several months. I do not need to tell you that if you are not taking breaks, you actually will be inviting some major consequences.

Sleep do indeed have a beneficial effect on the immune system. Similarly, high blood pressure is one among the other biggest risk factors for heart attack and stroke. Besides better sleeping and blood pressure, it is also discovered that when you are on holidays, there are high probabilities of a fall in the level of glucose in your blood. No doubt, glucose plays an important role being a necessary sugar, but by not taking breaks, you have elevated levels. This will increase your risk of getting diabetes with age.

An Effective Anti-Stress

Everyone surely knows that stress can be terrible for your health. Be it heart disease, mental illness through rheumatism, there are countless diseases for which stress is responsible. Fortunately, a travel can get you get rid of these disasters. This is because of two good reasons – On one side, offering various leisure and entertainment, travel provides a blossoming effect that greatly helps reduce stress. And, on the other hand, traveling is an opportunity to contemplate the natural wonders (heavenly beaches, places exceptional, etc.).

Travel offers rest and relaxation (body and mind), and we know these two are powerful stress-busters. Imagine yourself on the beautiful white sand beach of the Bahamas Island! In the heart of a dream landscape, you can only relax your body and mind so quickly evacuate your stress.

An Incredible Anti-Aging

A key element of health is to get a young body. To achieve this, nothing like traveling. It allows you to enjoy the sunshine to fill vitamin D. The latter turns out to be an anti-aging excellent.

The trip is a great opportunity to actively go to the gym or even to practice a particular sport doing wonders for the body. Yes, actively because it’s traveling you’ll have more time for your well-being unlike at home where you are confined to your work schedules, and household chores.

To Regain Energy

I must say that the more you miss your energy, the more you are prone to all sorts of diseases. To re-energize your body needs, nothing like traveling. A good way to stop the dullness of daily life. The destinations with all the essentials to evacuate (nature, calm atmosphere, etc.) are definitely a good option. How about India, the best Yoga destination of all time, and a deserted island where you will not have to endure the bustle of mass tourism?

In addition to health benefits, travel can help one with opportunities for career improvements. While traveling, you have a more open mind, better adaptability, a sense of organization sharper and better communication skills.

It is said that 91% of employers recognize the benefits to recruit someone who has studied abroad! So go for it! A trip to the other side of the planet allows getting closer to your fellow travelers, i.e. positive encounters with various cultures and beliefs.

If you are accompanying your partner with you, there is a huge scope for improvements regarding romantic relationships. Do I really need to explain this one – It is easy to understand why!