Recovery Tips for a mobile phone dropped in the water

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She broke my heart and I dropped her i-Phone in the water. Can you guess who cried much?

Jokes apart. We are becoming so attached to our smartphones that renaming this gadget to a ventilator, won’t be an injustice done. Admit it, do you have anything else than a mobile phone that you can claim to be the last thing you saw before you sleep and the first thing you look for in the morning? One hundred percent! NO. People do apply for loans and credit cards, just to have a ₹20,000 – ₹70,000 mobile phone; a status symbol. We do every possible thing to keep it safe when we buy, but not a few bucks’ mobile insurance. We laminate it, we silicon cover it, we wipe it all the time. Despite, being careful with it, we do accidentally drop our phones. Many of us must have experienced – mobile phone into the water. Gayi Bhains Pani Mein. “Oh My God; a fifty thousand’s gadget dancing in the water tub. What to do? Wish I had purchased the insurance!” Do not panic. I have a few very interesting and tested tips for you using which you can save your most loved mobile phone dropped in the water.

Turn off and Drying

Bring it out from the water and first thing you should be doing is – bring the phone out of the water and switch it off (if the touch is not working, pull out the battery). You need to be really quick with turning it off because you have saved our phone from short-circuits. Then, remove the SIM cards from the phone, memory card and battery itself. Then, dab it on an absorbent cloth (towel, towel or kitchen paper).

Use hair-dryer – very carefully

Use your hair-dryer, only if you know a little about the temperature calculations (phone temperature). Try to dry your mobile with an appropriate temperature of hair-dryer (not even on the “cold” position), because the use of a hair dryer will reduce the moisture. But, be very careful because the heat generated by hair-dryer (if excessive) can only do more damage.

A ziplock bag of rice can save

What if you are not handy with a hair-dryer or do not have that all. Let me share the best trick with you. I have tested it three times (Lenovo phone) and it worked for me. We know rice can suck the moisture. So, all you need is – an air-tight bag with uncooked dry rice. The quantity of rice depends on upon the size of your phone; you need to place in such a way that rice covers your phone and the only thing you ca see – rice. The excess moisture then will be redeemed by these uncooked, dry rice. Do this only with the phone as for the battery, SIM card, and memory card, an absorbent cloth will do. Things to keep in mind – there should be no air at all in the rice bag and you are not supposed to touch it for at least 2-3 days i.e., 48-72 hours. Should you turn it before three days, you will be exposing your phone to a short-circuit risk.

These techniques especially the rice one really worked for me. Should you report cracks or troubles, it is better to take it to a phone shop. They have more handy tools and techniques of fixing it. Many of you may be thinking of buying a water-resistant phone, but let me tell you, even their resistance depends on upon certain conditions like how clear the water was and how long the phone was in the water etc. Do not let these advertisements fool you. Even if you are buying an insurance, check the associated clauses yourself; an asterisk symbol (*conditions apply) has all the secrets or rather I would say, defense pleas used by these companies.