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Foot Care Tips Follow These To Have Flawless Looking Feet

Foot Care Tips - Follow These To Have Flawless Looking Feet
Foot Care Tips - Follow These To Have Flawless Looking Feet
Photo Credit: Kalcutta / Bigstockphoto


  1. Give Your Feet A Foot Bath.
  2. Smooth Skin Through Peeling.
  3. Reshaping The Toenails.

Having flawless feet like you have after a professional pedicure session and that too while siting at home? Absolutely possible. 

Be it any season of the year, well-groomed feet are an accessory that women cannot do without. It is good when the appointment can be laid in the professional bathroom with a professional foot care. But, what if you don’t have and do not want to skip this foot care either? Here are some instructions that can save you time and money. With a few efforts, you can have flawless looking feet at home.

Give Your Feet A Foot Bath

Give your feet a treat of soothing foot bath. This is not only pleasing to the soul, but prepares the feet also for a perfect session of pedicure .

The skin is softened by the warmth, just like the nails. You need warm milk and a teaspoon of almond oil for bath. This will not only soften your nails and cornea, but will give a re-greasing effect. Do not forget to dry. You should also remember the toe spaces.

Smooth Skin Through Peeling

In peeling, the top layer of the skin is removed. Sophisticated, gentle peeling substances smooth the surface of the skin.

In addition to detaching the top skin layer, a peeling also promotes blood circulation. After application, the skin feels wonderfully soft.

However, the product should not be too coarse so as not to irritate the skin excessively. Massaging the peeling gently is very important. Dead cells are to be gently removed.

Removing Cornea Gently

There are many tools by which your can remove calluses. But, if you have no experience of dealing with the instrument used, it can be quite painful experience and can cause you an unpleasant injury. For your pedicure, choose a more gentle alternative such as a pumice stone.

Reshaping The Toenails

Depending on the individual preference, you can pull clippers, scissors or files to shorten the toe nails. It is okay to choose a file,  but at the same time this is very much time-consuming.

Be careful not to damage the nail structure in any direction. Once all the toenails have been filed, you can remove your nail skin with a nail skin remover. Allow the gel to act for a few seconds and gently push the nail skin back.

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Paint The Toenails

Now comes the best part of the home-made pedicure. Brighten your feet with a nail polish of your choice. To counteract discoloration, apply a vacuum and polish. The best way to paint is inside out.

In case you want to make the toe nails appear visibly narrower, then do not paint completely to the edge.

Finally, massage with the foot cream for a few minutes. In this way, you promote circulation and ensure that the product is absorbed as best as possible by the skin.