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Foods That Are Good To Eat On An Empty Stomach

Foods That Are Good To Eat On An Empty Stomach
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We know that some foods make us sick if we consume them on an empty stomach. But, there are some good too.

During my childhood, I was a fan of bananas; they used to be my first meal until my grandfather told me that tomatoes or bananas are among the foods that are not good to eat on an empty stomach. Scientifically, it may disturb the digestive system. At the same time, he used to give me these below cited food to eat on empty stomach; foods that are good to eat on an empty stomach.

Fresh fruit

Starting your day with fresh fruits; matchless choice. They have a high content of vitamins, nutrients, fiber and water.

Fruits are among the foods that are good to eat on an empty stomach. Those who have a little knowledge about the rules of nutrition, they know the importance of having fruits on an empty stomach and between meals.

If consumed on an empty stomach, the fruit has the ability to improve digestion, detoxify the body and allow nutrients to be absorbed more easily. It is therefore very suitable to start your day with fruit.

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However, It is advised that one should never consume fruits immediately after finishing your meal.

Porridge oats, buckwheat or maize

Another food that is very beneficial if consumed in the morning on an empty stomach is porridge.

Due to its gelatinous texture, it can help preventing irritations and inflammations arising due to free hydrochloric acid to digest food.

Oatmeal is considered a healthy breakfast as it can provide essential fiber to help digestion and lower bad cholesterol.

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In addition, buckwheat porridge or corn should not be avoided because it has a similar beneficial effect on digestion and it seriously helps to remove toxins from the intestines.


Being a reliable solution for people who have digestive problems, when consumed on an empty stomach, honey invigorates the immune and digestive system.

Furthermore, honey has a strong antimicrobial effect, antibacterial and detoxifying.


Eggs can provide lasting satiety and prevent you make unhealthy food choices because you will not feel hungry until lunch.

Therefore, eggs are among the foods indicated for breakfast, giving the body a lot of important nutrients.

Numerous studies show that breakfast of eggs you will let you tempt for anything else during the day, hence, you will be having required calories only.

Do you have any more tips, please do share with us through the comment section below.