Whether Flirting Online Means Infidelity With Partner

Whether Flirting Online Means Infidelity With Partner
Whether Flirting Online Means Infidelity With Partner
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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Many people often question me whether flirting online means infidelity with a partner? In such a case, I have another question for them that what is infidelity in their eyes?

Most people can not answer this question. Before understanding whether flirting online is infidelity or not, we have to understand the real meanings of infidelity in relationships. When you flirt online, you do many such things that are ethically wrong, whether it is to keep some things secret from your partner, cleaning outbox after sending a secret text message, cleaning your call details history, or hiding a dating app. In fact, all these things lead to infidelity. Let’s know whether flirting online means infidelity with a partner or not.

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1Keep things secret

Keeping things secret is definitely the first sign. If a person feels the need to hide the things from his/her partner, then it is a clear indication that he/she is doing something that is not morally right and something he is not allowed to do.

If you flirt online and make every effort to hide your actions from your partner, then you should assume that you are moving fast towards infidelity. In a married life, when we begin to hide things, it is considered being infidelity in a way, whether it is to hide online activity, mobile phone, or bank account details.

2Chatting with others for a long time

The long hours spent chatting with others or secretly spent on the phone is a clear indication that your partner is giving priority to his/her online relationship and bypassing married life. The only reason for doing this is to try to secretly fulfill the sexual desires. If you are feeling emotionally dead about your marriage because of these, then you should understand that you are already a step ahead towards infidelity.

3Exchange of pornographic images

The exchange of pornographic pictures indicates that you have bypassed the standard of integrity in the relationship. The exchange of these sexual images, fantasies, obscene or erotic messages etc. simply points out that your online activity has already taken the form of an erotic adventure and it will lead you to the infidelity.

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4Hiding your marital status

If you lie about your marital status while chatting online, then you understand that you are moving fast towards infidelity. It is quite a simple logic; you don’t need to hide your marital status from a person until you have no intention of cheating. You only lie or hide, when you want to cook something.

5Emotional sympathy from a person (opposite sex) other than your partner

When the online conversation begins to empathize emotionally, then you should understand that you are only a few steps away from infidelity. If we expect emotional sympathy from a person (opposite sex) and not our partner, it is obvious that we are talking about a relationship in the true sense and not just about a routine conversation. It also indicates that you consider that person (of opposite sex) better than your real partner. This will also lead to infidelity.

Some people believe that flirting virtually and cheating, in reality, are two different things and both have their own limitations. But, experts believe, when committed, flirt online is considered cheating. No offense, but according to experts, there is only one reason for an online flirt in marital life and that is satisfying sexual needs.

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In spite of being bound in a relationship, it is infidel to talk to someone just to calm down the sexual needs. Undoubtedly, these sexual needs are going to compel you to cross the limits, one day.