Flirting and CheatingCan you sense the line?

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“In today’s world, anyone whose phone is not password protected, you can trust him/her blindly.”

Ask yourself, if you can place a cursor between flirting and deception? It is very much subjective and to an extent, deceptive as well. For a few, “thinking of something unethical is nothing less than doing the same. While for others, it is a complacent thought that poses no concern.” Some distinguish flirting perfectly fine whereas other designate it totally as an act of intertwined personalities. It all depends on the influence of our superego; in plainer terms, it is about our conception of good or evil.

Can you draw a fine line between flirting and cheating? Allow me to make lives rather easier about this topic. If you are not in any kind of relationship and flirting with someone; you can call it a flirt. Should you be in a serious relationship with someone, and even then you are seeing someone; this is called cheating. So, how to tell if someone is cheating or flirting and how to differentiate harmless flirting from infidelity. To tell whether you are cheating or not is very simple, provided you have guts to face the reality. So, who will burst the bubble that I might be living in? Well, it could be you and if not, there are people around and for you, they will take the initiative of puncturing your balloon of thoughts. This could be hurting, Bro. The better option is, learn to decode the signals mentioned underneath.

Body Language Actions speak louder than words

Your body language is your biggest secret buster; it says everything that you might be trying to hide. Actions speak louder than work and when you see your action going beyond control, you are going to land soon on the cheating island. So, what are these actions? Anything beyond the innocent smile, wink, or smiles, considers them as initial steps towards cheating. Do you see yourself treating someone with exceptions? Are you making romantic insinuations to someone, but not your partner. Your eye-contacts are now more of staring and not the short-term one. Do you see yourself lying to your partner about your whereabouts especially when you are with someone else? Am I hiding my intimacies with others from my partner? Oh My God! Dear cheater! You are cheating.

Mr. A to his girlfriend – “See, I love you. But, just in case, if I flirt, is that still cheating?” His girlfriend to him – “I love you too. But, if I slap you with my left hand and I am right handed, you are still getting slapped, right?”

Guilt – Guilt is a very good indicator

Subjective limit, so it is a term that belongs to us and that we must identify, according to our own definitions of flirting and infidelity, and our past experiences. The most important part is to listen. Considering that at the slightest giggle with the neighbor, we are going too far and that it is on top of a slippery slope, then calm his impulses. Guilt is a very good indicator. “This is a very useful sense that crops us and reminds us of the commitment we have for each other. Once you feel guilty is that we went too far in our taste. So, try to avoid this. When your guilt is not letting you slow down on whatever you are doing, you have already crossed your limits. Actually, if guilt is absent, it may be a sign of a love story that is not going to be in the good books.

Flirting is NSACheating is not

What is your motive behind it? Are you doing it just to attract people of the opposite sex, looking for a job promotion, stealing an opportunity, any sort of monetary or non-monetary benefit, you are cheating in that case? Because, flirting is always NSA – non-strings attached and it is also not manipulative. According to experts, be it flirting or cheating, they both serve a purpose, but both are of different nature and extents.

Interpretation – People’s definition of your actions

Lend an ear and listen what your colleagues or neighbors have to say about your actions. Most of the time, it is others who let you know that you have crossed your limits and once you are notified, you need to stop that. We never see anything wrong in our behavior, but people around are more objective and you must not overlook their ideas about you, at least for this particular subject. If they are telling you that it was seriously not about sharing a joke, they really mean it. If your regular visits are annoying someone and that botheration was brought into your notice too; you seriously need to reconsider your actions.

Cheating is not always kissing, touching or hugging. If you got to delete your messages so your partner won’t see them, you are already there, DUDE

This discussion is endless and it is all about our conscience. Before I pen down, I wanted to say We are emotional puppets and most of the time our strings are controlled by others. We love to have emotional rides on bicycles driven by mentally sound people. Most of us have a very poor appetite when it is about keeping our pains secret. But, when we start sharing something more than what actually should with our flirtatious friend, we are already in dangerous territory.