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Fitness and Dating – Gyms Are New Match-Making Platforms
Fitness and Dating – Gyms Are New Match-Making Platforms

Fitness and Dating – Gyms Are New Match-Making Platforms

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.


Do you get upset when someone says, “Fatso, lose some weight”, or “that is why you are still single, you dumb!”

What can be more insulting for a single young lad, when he sees a lot of boys and girls roaming around as couples. And, being a single depressed soul, you watch them kissing and hugging on the corner seats of cinema. Have you ever noticed something? Nowadays, couples are fit; guys with abs, flat tummies, and tattooed biceps. Girls with zero sizes, big butts, and well-shaped body. Dude, it is about fitness and dating; gyms are becoming new matchmaking platforms.

Gone are those days, when people used to believe on a quote like beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Undeniably, the harsh reality of this generation is that physical appearance matters and girls prefer to maintain a big distance from the misshaped dudes. And, they don’t like those so-called hunks with a face, which is more like a ‘sorry sign board’ either.

Trust me, when I say, the dating patterns are changing and experts are coming up with one single believe that in today’s world, fitness and dating go side by side. When we talk about fitness and dating, we are actually talking about two different concepts that are purposely clubbed together for forming one new word, i.e. gym dating or dating in the gym.

This sort of dating is completely different from the traditional dating or rather we would say the Romeo & Juliet kind of dating. In this, partners do not expect each other to walk along the seaside while holding each other’s hands and making some unrealistic promises about life sharing.

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This sort of dating is far from the ideas of sitting in a cafeteria, sipping hot espresso and searching the mirror images in each other’s eyes. This dating is bit different; partners here believe in doing something productive and healthy.

In general, this sort of dating attract people who are either sporty or adventure lovers and who want to learn fitness things. Nowadays, people want to explore the farthest corners of the life garden.

They want to en-cash their youthfulness with maximum adventure and some lifetime experiences that they can carry forward for a long time. They keep on exploring more and more about such dating patterns. They keep on hunting platforms where they can actually meet a person who shares the same interest as they do.

The most amazing thing about fitness and dating is – it is free for anyone, and one does not have to cook something fishy; one does not have to present himself as an athlete or a celebrity for winning a date.

This kind of dating is more likely a ‘buy one – get one’, you pay for fitness and you will be benefited with a partner of same preferences and interests, with whom you may get ample chances of going out and exploring the real adventures.

Nowadays, the obsession for having a well-shaped body is hiking up and people are now flooding towards gyms and fitness centers in masses. For many, fitness and dating goes hand in hand and is the real source of a better lifestyle.

The concept of fitness dating websites is also gaining a lot of admiration. It is common to come across websites offering attractive dating options for like-minded people. Most fitness dating sites allow a personal or a business profile. Singles can meet new members sharing the common interest of the various types of physical activities.

So, next time when you see an extremely fit couple holding hands, instead of getting jealous, dare to look at your physic and theirs. You will find the reason, why you are single and they are not.

I know, there are exceptions, but for that you need to be exceptionally lucky.