Family Values Raise a Child with Great Values

Family Values – Raise a Child with Great Values
Family Values – Raise a Child with Great Values
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  1. Give them time and not only money.
  2. Help them understand family values.
  3. It is always hard to repair an adult
  4. Be careful, kids replicate their parents.

A child is born in a family and becomes part of society only later. Teach him everything that you can about the respect, decorum, responsibility and morality since the first years of life.

We are living in the world full of ego, show-off, meanness, selfishness, and endless desires. Nowadays, it is all becoming a matter of social status. In the race of making things better, we had made it even worse; parents have no time for kids and kids are not listening to their parents. No offense, but through our kids, we are exhibiting our standard of life.

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If you think, giving expensive education, costlier gifts, branded clothes, electronic gadgets, cars or bikes, hefty pocket money or lavish lifestyles are going to make your kid a good human being; I am sorry, you are gravely mistaken. It is okay that you want your kids to be a part of a society that represents your family status well, but it is your duty to make sure that you are feeding your kids with the right family values.

If you want your children to turn out well, spend twice as much time with them, and half as much money.Abigail Van Buren

Don’t get me wrong, when I say that it is easier to build a child than to repair an adult. There is no use of crying over your kid’s actions that are nothing, but a reflection of yours. I agree, kids are lovable and being parents we all want to give them best. The happiness of a kid matters a lot and a smile on kid’s face gives us a sense of satisfaction.

But, that is not going to last longer and the day, when you send your kid to face the real world, and when you ask him to pay for his own luxuries; going to be the toughest day of his life and the worst day of yours. I have seen parents in pain because of their wayward kids and the worst part is – in the eyes of the world, it is parents who are responsible. You don’t want your kid to tell you – this is what you want me to be; here I am, the man of your dreams. So, before that happens, it is better to teach some family values.

Love and Respect

Teach them to love and respecting others. Once you teach your kid to love everyone, you will be buying others’ love for your kids and there is going to be no barrier in your relationship. Telling them to love everyone will make them a person for society. It is one of the most important values that children need to assimilate them.


Communication solves many problems and leads to the creation of healthy relationships, devoid of misunderstandings and negative emotions. Teach them the importance of communicating the problems they encounter.

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Also, give them an environment, where they can discuss things. Instead, expecting them to learn everything of their own, it is advisable to give them the right dose of information as per their age. Once they learn the importance of communicating things, their life will be much easier because most of the time silence plays as the main culprit behind broken relationship and poor upbringing.

Understanding – Sensitivity – Empathy

Don’t educate your children to be rich. Educate them to be happy, so they know the value of things, not price.

You need to make them learn about how they can develop their understanding, sensitiveness, and empathy about others’ sorrow. Teach them, to be a part of the society, you need to participate. Living in isolation is not an easy thing to do unless you have a very good backup system. Take your kids with you when you visit your relatives and elders (in case they are not living with you). Do your best and help them learn the importance of elders and grandparents in life.


Ego, centrism, or selfishness are not going to bring any good results. Help them understand the importance of sacrifice. You need to encourage them to share their toys, chocolate, and other personal belongings. Tell them to donate the toys that are no longer interested to needy children. This will make them a compassionate person.


People are different from one another. We look different, we react differently and have different preferences. We grow and manifest in different societies and cultures, and our behavior is influenced by them. Encourage the child to not to judge anyone by the color of skin, hair or number of toys they have, but by how good the kid is and how beautiful they behave. This is all about developing a sense of tolerance because we are living in an impatient world.


Do not scold your kids whenever they make a mistake, but encourage them to admit it. That will teach them not to hide anything. This is how you will turn your kid into a person who is sincere and who later can be believed for things.

Hard Work

Try to frame some rules within the family. Be it your small kid, assigning duties will help them and they will learn the essentials of teamwork.

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Even if he is so small, ask him to throw away the peel of an orange, arrange napkins at the table and reward him if he has fulfilled his obligations.


Besides, most importantly teach them everything you can about forgiveness. Even adults have problems with this rule, but if you managed to teach your little one how to forgive, you can consider yourself a talented parent. To forgive means to let go negative feelings to ease your soul and make the pain go easier.

By feeding your kids with these family values, you will be making them an emotionally stable person who knows who to deal with happiness, sympathy, empathy, anger, and violence.

Remember, being a parent, you are going to be the closest example for your child, and he/she is going to replicate yours. So, you also need to implement these rules of a happy family.