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Fake People - One Rotten Apple Spoils The Whole Barrel
Fake People - One Rotten Apple Spoils The Whole Barrel

Fake People – One Rotten Apple Spoils The Whole Barrel


“Is there any real man alive on this mother planet? Anyone, who is not a self-centered personality and genuinely feels the wetness of the tears rolling down from not their, but someone else’s eyes. I highly doubt.”

This world is so full of fake people. Reminds me of my childhood, when sharing something with mates was not at all a big deal. Time flies. We are living in an environment where everything is a xerox and every second person is mentally unfit. Watch closely; ain’t we all suffering from the same medical condition – multiple personality disorder?

The best part is – instead of curbing this idiotic self-centered mentality of ours, people are promoting it. To them, this make them feel in safe zone. They believe faking things is in their best interest.

I have seen people faking emotions; even at death prayers. I have seen the same person laughing like nothing has happened, who I saw crying like the only person with biggest death shock, standing in the death hall. Is it so hard to be genuine at least with self?

Why do people fake? I have no better, possible, and simplest answer to this question than calling it a mindset with inferior motives. They are happy because you are sad.

To get their things done in the way they want, they can drop their standards to any extent; faking is the smallest thing. In practical terms, they are actually trying to control the consequences of something they have nothing to do with.

Fake people are a muddy waterfall of excuses, justifications, and lies. Regardless of the volume of a lie, they barely hesitate of saying one. Fake people are much concerned about their imaginary image and they will make every effort to protect their blurry images.

The situation reminds me of a quote – “to be real is to be vulnerable.” If you are predictable, you are vulnerable, they say. Fake people are always busy doing politics regardless of the person and their relationship with that person.

Not many people know, but fake people are contagious. They are like rotten apple and should you be around them, they are going to empty your life like a termite. They are the conspires and with their lies, they will destroy your own identity.

They are loyal to only their motives, and once hitting jackpot, they are going to treat like a waste. But, should they need you for another round of the game, they will again fake. They are never going to give you a straight-up answer.

Expecting them not to hurt you because you don’t hurt them is more likely expecting a lion not to eat because you don’t eat lion; not going to happen. Gone are those day when trust, affection, love and emotions were treated as the true basis of the relationship.

But, should you feel bad for them? Not at all. You feel sad because you have spent a good amount of time and efforts on a certain people, who were not even worth a millisecond.

With these two faced people, the biggest problem is to decide which side or face to slap first. But, should you want a peaceful life, avoid being in connection with fake people. Do keep in mind the old saying, “one rotten apple spoils the whole barrel.”

Dear friends, do keep in mind that some of the most poisonous people come disguised as friends and family.