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Excuses for Infidelity – Extramarital Affairs At It's Best
Excuses for Infidelity – Extramarital Affairs At It's Best

Excuses for Infidelity – Extramarital Affairs At It’s Best

Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.


Surviving an extramarital affair is not an easy thing to do. Finding an affair is easy. We have excuses for entering into the affair, but how to get out of an affair is still a question.

Having an affair or I say the illicit affair is no coincidence and is purely intentional. A cheater always lacks an authenticate answer for his/her disloyalty. The reason being there are no real excuses for infidelity, but own intentions of breaching the trust and selfishness.

After you get betrayed, you feel like you’re the only person going through such injustice. But, in reality, you’re not the only person going through the ridiculous excuses of infidels. Here I would like to talk about a few excuses for infidelity that you are going to hear, right after you expose the extramarital affair of your partner.

Trust Me! I Will Never Do It Again

If you are assuming that your partner has learned from their mistakes after being caught for their infidelity, you are gravely mistaken. Do you dare to do that? No need to trusting a person who betrayed you one. Once a cheater is always a cheater, they say.

Even if you are tempted to think and even if your partner proves that he is out of the affair, the temptation is always going to be there. Given a chance, your partner is going to repeat the same. So, why taking chance?

Oh Dear! I Am Sorry

What else you expect from an infidel after you catch them? Nothing more than a sorry! Isn’ t it? But, do you think your infidel partner is a real regret?

Well, there was no sorry until you caught your partner. Your partner was enjoying and not regretting. Then, how come regret appeared only when you found out that your partner lied?

Let me tell you that narcissists are not concerned with the feelings of those around them, but they will pretend quite well.

If your partner would have cared about you, your partner would not have done this. Your answer should be the same, I’m sorry, but you have just lost me.

It Was You Who Pushed Me Into This

This is very common and not shocking at all. Disloyal and Infidels use this as their justification; they blame others for their bad habits and they try to make them feel responsible for their poor things.

They are criminals, but they behave like victims and trust me, they are good at this. No matter who’s fault it was, but there can be no excuses for infidelity. A partner can talk before going to any extreme.

Can I Tell You That I Was Abused

There are people who will have this as an excuse and will try to distract their partner from the real issue. One of the most common excuses they are going to have is I was abused in childhood. I have no emotional feelings for a particular gender.

Well, we have sympathy for your tragedy, but that does not justify the infidelity now, and you should not be fooled!

It Gets Me In A Way That I Cannot Explain

Now this one is epic. I lost my senses. It came to me in such a ways that I was helpless and it happened. But, do you think, it is acceptable? I don’t think so. If your partner is jeopardizing the relationship for something new means your partner is done with you already.

It Was Not Sex, But A Casual Friendship

This one is really very common excuse for an extramarital affair. If sex is so unimportant, then for what your partner had to go elsewhere? Why would someone cross their limit, when they are not seeking anything?

I feel no harm in saying that infidelity surely not deserves a second chance, be it any case. You broke it and you have to pay for it.