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Excuse Me, But What Kinda Neighbor You Have?
Excuse Me, But What Kinda Neighbor You Have?

Excuse Me, But What Kinda Neighbor You Have?

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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.


Neighbors; the important part of our society. They can make you feel both comfortable and uncomfortable depending upon their understanding with your and your luck.

Have you ever felt like talking to a man, who you don’t even know and many times, you want to skip a person, who you know more than the person himself? It is all about positive and negative vibes. Should you have a wonderful neighbor living next door, the journey of life can be as easy as catching crossing the beginning levels of Pokemon. But, life can be a hell, if you have a neighbor like Doberman; always barking at every passerby. Here, I would like to talk about a few types of neighbors and watch out what kinda neighbor you have?


This one is the saddest soul of the locality and an omniscient neighbor. He is a person of dissatisfaction. He is a man you can ask him to give you some tips on how to be sad.

Be it anything, he is dissatisfied with every little thing. That could be the cleanliness if someone is using a mobile phone in front of his house, if someone’s dog is barking, if someone is having a party and playing loud music and so on.

You can often see him arguing with the people around over little issues. He can ask you questions about who stayed with you last night and why someone is not visiting you. He is always ready with applications.


This is the most common second form of neighbors. You may have noticed an old man and, although you never meet, but you greet him with fear.

If you are unlucky to have his apartment above or below, you’ll hear every step beats in the radiator pipe and a sinister murmur. This kinda neighbor appears at the most inappropriate times.


A group of ladies sitting around the corner and watching everyone like Google Maps. They are the GPS and they can make you reach anywhere without the internet. They know every little secret of you without having access to your CCTV cameras. No wonder, if they have your WiFi password.

This type of neighbor knows everything you do from the moment you enter the radius of their action. Should you want to have a character check of anyone, ask these ladies. They have their own records and books of information.


This is a special breed. They love to be around plants and vegetables. They won’t shy asking you for using your courtyard as their vegetables’ farm.

Dear neighbor, it is okay that you love farming, but I am not at all interested in the smell of cow dung you use in your farms. Can you do something about that?


Phantoms everywhere. These kinda neighbors are self-proclaimed leaders. They will behave like they have the solution to every problem, but in reality, they are as helpless as a kid in a naked bar. They are as confused as a calf on the road.

They live in the bubble that entire locality respect them, but in reality, everybody wants to skip them from miles.

Road Inspectors

These kinds of neighbors are always on the road. Be it any season, you will see them sitting in the middle of the road or next to the road like road inspectors.

Their job is to sit with a beer pet feet, spit seeds and look suspicious to those who pass through their neighborhood. Usually sit in groups, making turns at every scale, and pass comments as per their own filthy mentality. I compare them to roadside stray dogs (talking about civilizations like India).

So! What kinda a neighbor you have? Let me know in the comment section below.