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Exchanging Nudes What You Need to Know About Sending Nudes

Exchanging Nudes – What You Need to Know About Sending Nudes
Exchanging Nudes – What You Need to Know About Sending Nudes
Photo Credit: NejroN Photo / Bigstockphoto

Sunday morning it was.. I was reading a social media post – a girl killed herself because someone posted her nudes on the internet.

Recently there have been so many scams and scandals due to nude pictures and videos that went viral. it doesn’t happen with only normal people, it happens with celebrities as well! Rihanna, Vanessa hudgens, Leighton Meester, etc. there are too many on the list.

I have witnessed a similar story of my friend and her boyfriend who shared a beautiful relationship.

Jealousy is the worst thing that can come in between of any relationship, it not only ruins the bond between the two people but many times, also people involved in it.

So, the best friend of my friend’s boyfriend was really close to my friend and why not!

Being friends with your partner’s friends is a vital thing to enjoy a healthy relationship. Somehow, the friendship between the two grew so much that my friend’s boyfriend started getting insecure.

The insecurity turned into jealousy and of course the jealousy led to a brutal break-up. The guy didn’t stop there, he blackmailed my friend with her nudes that he had.

My friend trusted in the love they had shared, she considered it to be an harmful threat and just ignored.

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Little did she know that the man had no love or the respect left for the relationship they had and he just went on to make her pictures viral.

I still don’t get the concept of how a person once truly and madly in love with his partner can go to such a gruesome level of hatred that he just wants to destroy her in every which way.

Ladies, sending a nude to your boyfriend or your husband is quite normal but there are certain things that should be taken care of before you start clicking:

Have you known him enough?

Is he somebody whom you have met just last week or last month? Chances are you still don’t know him.

Is he somebody whom you have known as a friend since a long time now but not as your boyfriend, you still don’t know him.

Knowing a person as a friend and as a boyfriend is a completely different scenario. I would suggest that you judge him properly before taking things further.

Do you know all about his friends and family?

It is important to know about his family and the friends he hangs out with. The reason is, knowing about his family will give an idea about the values and principles he has grown up with and of course the best way to judge a man’s character is by knowing the company he keeps. Therefore, get to know his friends as well.

Analyze your relationship status

Has he given any name to your relationship or he’s just fooling around? Has he told the people that matter to him like his close friends or family about you? Analyze your relationship status well.

Make sure he deletes all your pictures soon after sending him

After analyzing and gauging him properly, when you decide to take your relationship to a next level, make sure you play safe.

You can ask him to delete all your nudes that you send soon after seeing them. If he doesn’t agree, tell him you’ll send as many as he wants but he has to delete each of them as soon he’s done seeing them.

Why sending a nude with face

Before penning down, I would like to make another point. Why do you even need to share a picture with your face? I mean, if he is a person of your trust and respect, why would he even ask you to do something that is going to risk your privacy?

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I am not contradicting my point of sending nudes, but my suggestion is how about sending a nude picture of yours without face or blurry face or morphed face?

If he still compels you for a picture with face; dear lady, you must not trust him; he is cooking a smelly fish with a rotten mentality.

A relationship stands on 4 powerful pillars – Trust, Transparency, Honesty, and Respect. If you have these 4 things along with compatibility, rest assure you guys are in for a long term companionship. Love comes from these 4 powerful pillars.