‘Energy Vampires’ The Negative People

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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

The sages say that we are here for a purpose as God have assigned us some duties to perform. Perhaps that is why a few of us are doctors, others are engineers, actors, bricklayers, electricians, singers and so on. But, looking at the population, I strongly believe that there must be a few people left behind for whom even God got no job to assign. They are then turned into ‘Energy Vampires/Negative People’; the professional troublemakers and energy suckers. This special species is almost everywhere you can possibly imagine; people who are the biggest obstacle to you and your progress. “If I cannot do something, I won’t let you do that either.” I have my complete intentions about knowingly addressing them as vampires, though I know they don’t suck blood. But, what they deprive you of is rather important than blood, i.e. Energy.

Hope you got an idea of what am I talking about. Don’t get wrong, but by watching the people you move around with, anyone can judge the fate of your life journey – whether you are going to be a winner or loser. Look around you what sort of people you are surrounded with – drama queens, accusers, jealous donkeys, insecure souls, fun-haters, complainers, gossipers, psychosis, or short tempers? The energy suckers I am talking about, they do not have blood sucking teeth, but these are a few symptoms that can help you recognize them. They provoke you until you agree to be a part of their useless shit. They are a master at gaining sympathy for them.

The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful your life will become.

These sorts of people want to be a part of every discussion and their favorite taglines are – “I already know this . I already have this. Didn’t I told you about this.” To reject other theories and to retaliate if someone argues, are two main traits of these vampires. They are unhappy souls for no good reason and they cannot bear happy souls around them; they are actually fun-haters. Energy suckers are jealous bees and insecure souls. They are more concerned about what others are doing and how they deviate others attention. The sole idea is – attention. They are actually attention seekers and to gain one single bite of attention, they can go up to any extent. They do beg for the importance and when not given, they behave like a kid who has been denied a toy. They literally do behave like unstoppable disfigured man-eaters, when ignored. But, the truth is – keeping oneself at a distance from these ogres is very important.

You must learn that you are the only custodial of your energetic space. Should you want to live healthy, happy and a life full of positivity, surrounding yourself with the people who promote the same way of living is absolutely vital.

Now that you know who are the energy suckers, one must learn how to get rid of this unwelcome person. Ignoring them will only attract them, and you don’t want this. So here are a few tricks that really works.

Ignore them Diplomatically

When you want to ignore someone without hurting his feeling, the best way is no unimportant eye-contacts. On seeing an energy vampire, try to skip in a way that you have not noticed at all. The more eye-contact you will have, the more closeness he/she will show. You must learn the different between an eye-contact and an occasional eye-contact.

I don’t have whole day for such freaks

You need to set a limit for these energy observers; you cannot be with their stories for the whole day. No use of letting them have your energy zapped, brain numbed and then crying. As they have unlimited tales to share, you need to set a time limit for your betterment. Say, 5, 10 or 15 minutes a day and that too only if the person someone whom you cannot ignore; a family member or sibling.

Keep Calm & No Retaliation

These vampires love when you strike back. To them, every discussion is more of a cricket test match – a single match of at least 4-5 days. Do not forget, if you are reacting to their crap, you are fuming them and they won’ t let the discussion die. You need to learn, how you can keep yourself at neutral and control your emotions. Arguing and contradicting is fun for them and believe me, to energy vampire, these two are tempting. The more you negate them, the more they will resist and the higher they will drain you.

Never See them Alone

Why do you even need to be around them all alone? All I am trying to say is – when you know you are going to have an encounter with an energy sucker, accompany two three more people with you. The more people will help you in reducing the level of attention that otherwise you might have to give him. There will be someone else to retaliate, but not you. Make sure you are not accompanying psychic leeches with you.

Shut Up and Listen

When you are in the den of an energy sucker, the golden rule applies is – “Shut you mouth and open your ears.” Be a good listener because that is what the energy sucker wants you to be. If opening your mouth is very important, ask questions – “why”, “when” and “how.” These questions will not only encourage the psychic sucker to do most of the talking, but will also help you in preserving your energy.

Why So Serious

When you are around an energy sucker, try sticking to the easy topic- that are fight free. The simple logic is – your conversations don’t need to be depressive and oppressive. Keep it as simple as you can and try to learn the taste of that sucker. Do not ever talk about that is going to upset that energy sucker. Keeping calm won’t cost you anything, but the benefits are enormous.

Skip When You Can

You do not need them all the time, do you? Skipping them can save. But, do not skip them forever because these energy suckers are actual mirror that you can use for self-analysis. When they put hurdles in the middle of your life marathon, they actually give you reasons for self-improvement. Use them wisely.

Erase them completely

If coping up with them is not at all easy for you; vanish them completely. Trust me, it is life and sometimes we need to make a difficult decision. But, remember, nothing is more important than you own life. It is good to be a little selfish, especially when it is about personal happiness.

Beware of these overwhelmed, mentally and physically wasted, irritable and stressed personalities. Besides people, TV shows, the internet, social media posts, public situation or even neurotic pets can be Energy suckers. You don’t need to entertain everyone, as you factually cannot entertain everyone. At any cost, do not let anyone rule your energies and happiness. Maintaining a difference will make the difference – do tattoo this one line on your mind.

Never attempt to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and annoys the pig.