Eight tips to look less tired

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We are generation 21st. We are either sleeping or working and most of the time “late nights and in dim lights.” Every morning my half slept body and me, talk to each other.

What should I do to look less tired? Jokes apart, but waking up like someone who have not slept for ages is a bitter reality of the people of our time. It seems like while chasing our targets, we are becoming a target and losing the most important thing; health. Unfortunately, we have no escape. So, what can be done & is it happening only with me? Every time I look into the mirror, I see the reflection of someone else, tired as hell. “Oh my God! Who is this? Do I look this dull? What to do? Should I have a mug of green tea or should I change my sleeping patterns? Well, let me tell you the simplest things you can do; here are eight tips to look less tired.

Using double cushion

Is it a joke? Obviously not. Unless you don’t have (neck) medical complications, use an extra pillow beneath your head. The point is raising your head higher than usual. Try it. Next morning when you get up, you will look less tired and you won’t be having big eyes as well. A sure shot win win situation. Isn’t it?

Fridge your eye cream

Buy a cream for your eyes. There are many of them available in the market and online as well. All you have to do is, put that one in the fridge right before you go to sleep. When you apply the cream the next morning, it will pull out all swelling quickly (if any).

Let us do something crazy

Seems quite strange and sounds crazy. Indeed, it is. Dare to something different. Welcome, the day with something crazy!

You need to collect yourself with complete energy, press the alarm in Jackie-chan style, roll with a somersault out of your bed, have your music on and dance. Do anything. It really does not matter what you are doing.

The only thing that matters is how are you doing it? The idea is—get some exercise with a wink. This could be the best way to awake and start your day.

Have a shower—cold water shower

YES, you read it right. Try to have a cold water shower. Summers are already there and you have no excuse for not having a cold water shower. Trying walking that extra mile, in the morning splash that ice-cold water on your face. The logic behind this cold water splash is, cold water actually stimulates  your blood vessels and the blood circulation gets a boost. Finally,  a fresh blush on your cheeks and an alert mind.

Peppermint your teeth

Get ready to brush your teeth for the day. I know we all do. So what is new here? The secret is – toothpaste. You need to adopt a toothpaste with mint like Sensodyne Fresh Mint, Oral B Pro Health Mint Toothpaste, Colgate Toothpaste Max White Crystal Mint etc. The formula is – the smell of peppermint.

Medically it is proved that this smell sends a signal to our brains, making us more alert. Also, feel the difference after brushing your teeth with peppermint flavor toothpaste; you will feel much happier. Isn’t it a nice combo – white sparkling teeth and eyes a lot cooler.

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Choose your lipstick shade carefully

You eyes are cooler, teeth are white and you like full of life. Hang on! We still need to work on one thing; your lips. Choose your shade carefully. You do need to choose something with which your teeth appear whiter. Give it a go, explore the online shopping stores, I am sure you will find your match.

Try eyelash curling

Ummm. Okay. But what if I say I am not happy with just a lipstick? Okay Darling. Next up for you is – curl your eyelashes and apply a thick layer of mascara.

Your eyes will instantly appear fresh and bigger. Check out L’Oreal for its awesome mascara collection and make your eyes lashes look fuller and longer. I am all done and I look really fresh. But what to do with these freaking black spots? Do not worry; time to conceal them.

Apply a concealer. This camouflages a tired look and will also cover up your pimples (if you have any).