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Eat More Vegetables - Health Benefits Of Vegetarian Diet
Eat More Vegetables - Health Benefits Of Vegetarian Diet

Eat More Vegetables – Health Benefits Of Vegetarian Diet

Vishakha Rawal

Vishakha Rawal

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  1. Transition from Non-veg diet to Veg diet.
  2. Meeting the nutritional levels.
  3. Health benefits of plant-based diet over animal-based diet.

Are you are vegetarian and thinking about the possible advantages of a plant-based diet? or are you a Non-vegetarian and thinking of having a transition from a non-vegetarian to the plant-based diet? In either case, this is going to be the perfect read for you!

Eat more vegetables because these plants have a lot to offer. For sure you can be a healthy meat eater, however, a vegetarian diet do wonders for the body and Science has its back. Opting for a plant-based diet is more than just a religious belief. Normally, people have this notion that vegetarians stick to their plant-based diet just for the sake of their religion but there are many reasons and religious beliefs are just a little part of it.

For instances, I know some people who are vegetarian because they want better health, some people prefer veg diet because of their concerns for animals and some just don’t like the way meat taste!

There are varied reasons and the strongest of them all is health! It is a completely wrong notion that vegetarians are weaker than non-vegetarians; in fact putting aside vegetarians, there are lots of vegan athletes and vegan body builders doing great in their respective fields. Did you know Carl Lewis, a former American track, and field athlete followed a vegan diet!

According to him, his best year on the track was the first year when he switched to a vegan diet. He has won 10 Olympic and world championship medals in his career. This proves that if you have ever thought that vegetarian diet cannot provide you all the nutrition that you get from a non-vegetarian diet than its totally wrong.

There is always something in the plant-based diet that can replace a non-vegetarian diet for certain nutrition needs. How do you get your proteins? this is the most common question that vegetarians get to hear. Looks like the world is getting obsessed with proteins! haven’t you noticed the growing popularity of protein shakes?

Well, coming back to the answer for “how do you get your proteins?”, there are many sources from where you can get your proteins – Lentils, Hummus, Amaranth, Artichokes, Spinach, Beans, Greek yogurt, Soybeans& Soy products, Almonds, Paneer, Tofu, etc. There’s really a long list! So in case you are concerned about the nutritional values, you need not worry if you are transiting to a plant-based diet.

Health benefits of a vegetarian diet have been tested and proved. Here are some of them for you to learn and share:

Reduces cholesterol level in the body

Not only do vegetarians have a lower level of cholesterol, they have a lower risk of death as well! They have no saturated fats and cholesterol clogging their arteries.

Keeps blood pressure under control and have fewer chances of having any heart diseases
It’s true, vegetarian diet controls blood pressure and since it is rich in fibers, high in antioxidants and low in fats people have fewer chances of any cardiovascular diseases or even a stroke.

Fewer chances of having diabetes

According to the scientist, vegetarians are at lower risk for type-2 diabetes. The plant-based diet helps in maintaining weight and sugar level.

Less likely to have obesity or overweight issues

It’s a very common thing to know that people who consume animal-based diet go through more weight issues than people who opt for plant-based diet.

Lower risk of cancer

Animal based diet can cause many carcinogens and skin cancer is quite common. Plant-based, high in antioxidants fights carcinogens.

Good for women during pregnancy

Consuming a plant-based diet during pregnancy lowers the chances of pre-eclampsia resulting in a more or breast milk.

Less likely to have anger issues

A plant-based diet is low in arachidonic acid, resulting in fewer mood swings and disturbances.

There are much more benefits, these are just for you to get motivated and start to plan your vegetarian diet!