E-mail Mili Ke Nai – How to speed up your inbox?

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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Imagine, you are someone who makes his living working entirely online, and one fine morning, you are no longer able to receive an important email.

The reason, your inbox is full of other junks and spams emails? How would you react? I can bet, next thing you will be doing – cursing your internet service provider about slow internet speed and panicking.

In case you are a little tech-savvy, you can get yourself out of this situation, but I am talking about those who know a very little about these “data packets and SMTP things.”

Here are a few tips that can save your life a million times from such troubles. Follow these tips and learn how to speed up your inbox.

Do not sign up for newsletters until you really mean it

Every second website is now asking for your email ids. The only purpose behind their newsletter sign-up ‘call to action buttons’ is collecting your contact information that they will then use to send emails related to their business and services.

Once you are done, be ready for their newsletters via emails that are going to take seventy percent of your mailbox.

The best you can do is decide what you really want to receive and unsubscribe others. You may see some newsletters that you are not even signed-up for, delete them and you can block them from sending your any emails in the future.

Make yourself familiar with wallets/folders

Here comes the best thing offered by most of the email providers. This is a good way to keep your inbox clean. Now you can have folders for important emails in store. After you sort them in the respective folders, you then can then find them more quickly as and when you need.

The emails that require the immediate attention of yours, are going to remain in your inbox. Finally, more space for important emails and you will never miss an important that you might have to deal with on immediate basis!

Explore the filters and redirect your emails

No doubt, on the routine basis we receive emails that we classify as jammed emails; emails that we do not want to read instantly, but want to keep. Email service providers like Gmail and others are now offering you filters.

Should you know how to work with these, you can then set filters for all of your incoming emails. For example, you can choose if a particular email should go a particular folder as they arrive. These emails are no longer in your inbox, but go directly to the proper folder. Handy, right?

You don’t need notifications for everything

We are in the social media age and no denials, apps like Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Facebook are an essential part of our life.

These apps send quite a lot of e-mail notifications. But, ask yourself. Do you really want twenty emails per day as a reminder from these apps? Therefore, choose what all notifications you really want to see.

Be ruthless about deleting a few emails

You don’t need to keep every mail, do you? Be ruthless about deleting the unnecessary stuff. You can always save them in text files, should you think you really want to keep them; less space and easy indexing.

Also, check about purging.  There are a few email clients where you have to purge emails manually as they don’t automatically delete emails even if you move them to trash.