Douching – All About Your Vaginal Hygiene in Summers

Douching – All About Your Vaginal Hygiene in Summers
Douching – All About Your Vaginal Hygiene in Summers
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Intimate hygiene is very important for women. However, even if you think you are doing it properly, you still cannot rule out the dangers of getting vaginal infections, especially in periods. In this article, I will be talking about how vaginal hygiene and mistakes you are not supposed to make, while cleaning your vagina.

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I have seen many women are way too obsessed with their private parts’ hygiene. They clean the private parts several times a day. But, what you don’t know is, by doing this you are actually altering the natural pH of the vagina, especially if you use [amazon_textlink asin=’B00S6KDGNE|B0125GILZW|B00GS6ORQI|B00N8NB8HU’ text=’medical products’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’bestofmeplugin-21|bestofme-usa-20|bomcanada-20|besofme-21′ marketplace=’IN|US|CA|UK’ link_id=’df330f81-3e19-11e8-a0cf-afe98f56525c’].

The cleaning must be carried out at least twice a day with a suitable and specific detergent, in order to protect the skin and its acidity.

2Vaginal Lavage

Frequent recurring of vaginal lavage can also have a negative effect on the health of female genitals, leading to problems such as dryness or irritation. So, you need to be very careful about this and must not overlook this.

3Dry Properly

After cleansing the intimate parts, the next and perhaps most important step is to dry completely and properly. Do keep in mind that humidity means the proliferation of bacteria. In order to avoid irritation, it is also advisable not to rub but dab the external genitalia.

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4Sanitary Pads

During the periods, the sanitary pad must be changed at least 3 times a day. If you use internal ones, remember not to keep them for more than 4 hours.

It is completely your choice what kind of sanitary pads you want to use; [amazon_textlink asin=’B07612KDRM|B071HDJH7W|B000GCLS2Q|B01M7OT4IJ’ text=’disposable ones’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’bestofmeplugin-21|bestofme-usa-20|bomcanada-20|besofme-21′ marketplace=’IN|US|CA|UK’ link_id=’bda6b139-3e1a-11e8-bac4-1fcbf804bcc6′] or the reusable ones. Both of these pads come with their own plus and minuses. And, the decision depends on various things.

5Emptying The Bladder After Sexual Intercourse

A female must empty the bladder after every sexual intercourse. This practice allows eliminating urine or bacteria that may have entered the urethra. Once done, you must rinse your vagina with warm water.

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In addition to these mistakes, do keep in mind that if you are serious about the hygiene of your private part, you must give up on tight clothes. Super-tight jeans can cause annoyance and unpleasant infections, like candida. Better to go for trousers or skirts that allow the skin an optimal transpiration.

Also, be very careful about your choice of underwear. For the betterment of your private parts, do not wear undergarments made of synthetic fibers because they don’t let intimate parts to breathe and create an environment that alters the vaginal ecosystem. This eventually leads to bacterial and fungal infections. My suggestion is; go for cotton lingerie.

Hope, we have successfully conveyed our message and you have learned the importance of cleaning your private parts. Please feel free to share your ideas or tips on this subject.