Do you want to be a Good Father?

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We talk a lot about mothers and the role she plays in the upbringing of a child. The funniest thing is – “If a kid proves to be a bright kid, the power behind him/her is undoubtedly a father. But, the same kid when fails in his life, it is her mother’s mistakes.” How fair is this? Is it only a mother’s responsibility to grow up a kid and feed him with values and the role of the father is all about financial support? Let me tell you, It’s not always easy to be a father and if you are a father or expecting to be a father, I must say, a challenge is waiting for you; this is indeed a great role to play.

Men do not always know how to manage this role since they believe that women have better natural assets to be a good parent. Gentlemen, you must have confidence in yourself and do not forget how your father’s work is important for children. To help you perform your role, here are some tips that will help you to be a better father.

Take the Time to have Fun with the Kids

Since you are a man, the children often will expect that you are the clown, the last train or the sports model of the family. However, regardless games or jokes you choose, the important thing will be good to have fun together. Although the work takes a lot of time and energy. But, you only get one chance to spend time with your child.

Find activities at home or at play. Your child will know if you like depending on the effort you put in to include in your life.

Anger Management to be a Good Father

Men have a lot of difficulties controlling emotions that a family inevitably engenders; they do not know well how to manage their emotions. The result is often anger, which echo arouses anger around your loved ones. You know only anger on your part can traumatize your child for a while.

Try to understand how to channel your emotions. You should learn to diffuse your anger elsewhere, instead relieving it on your wife and your children. In order to maintain the happiness and family joy while keeping children safe, it becomes very important for a man to learn to redirect his anger. Try to find out the best possible ways of expressing your anger rather than behaving violently. Be gentle and calm at all times.

Opt for Positive Discipline

The punishments are not effective as they will only result in negative behaviors such as fear, rebellion or hatred. Instead, put the child up to his responsibilities by giving him a choice. A logical choice for the situation. For an example – instead beating or threatening your child for the mess around, tell him, “if you do not want to use these toys, how about putting them back into a closed double-tower closet for a while?” Positive discipline allows the child to understand what is expected from him, evaluate the choices and take responsibility.

The punishment either make him a stubborn kid or he will start hating you; a lifetime gap between you and your kid.

Lead by Example as Father

Children often see their father like a superhero! They admire them because they are strong, protective and they have solutions for everything. So, since you serve as a model for your children, it is important to set a good example. Be positive, do right things and be balanced as possible.

A disappointing relationship with father affects a child very badly. Look at how your father raised you and evaluate the things that have been beneficial to you and others who have been less. So, you can choose to follow some traces of your father and to abolish others you do not want to repeat with your children.

Listen as a Good Father!

Children need to talk with their father. There are things they prefer to tell their mother and others to you. If you want to be close to your children, communication will be a key to success to get there. Men are also afraid to be affectionate with their children. They prefer to leave that to the mother.

Remember that it is still important to have a minimum of affection and tenderness for your children. They will feel loved and protected. Drop what you are doing for a few seconds and look into the eyes of the child when you speak or when he is speaking. Otherwise, the kid will start considering you as a stranger to his world since you are not interested in him. If you want your child to listen to you, then you must also make the same efforts.

Do not Put pressure on Children

The mistake many parents is to believe that the child is unable. Your child feels. Resulting in a complex, lack of confidence, a blockage and ultimately you are the cause of what you do not want it to be. Encouragement, congratulations, and advice motivate your child to do better.

Children want to impress their father and they want their father to be proud of them! Therefore, if you put pressure or you put the bar too high for them, they will feel anxious, and they will be afraid to do things with you. So, to be a good father, simply, encourage your children, but abstain from putting any extra pressure! Use positive reinforcement and always encourage your children, regardless of their successes or failures. Be proud of them and show it. Show them that it is quite normal to fall on occasion, but the important thing is to get up afterward.

Show love & Be Aware of Children’s Desires

Do not be ashamed to take your child in your arms, kiss her and tell her: I love you. It is very good for both the boy and the girl to heckle a bit with his dad. The children need to feel the sweet side of their father and you must show them and not hide.

What do you really know about your child’s desires and dreams? What he wants to be in his life and what he does not like to do? If there are things you do not already know, you can always ask. The child will be happy to share a bit of his life with you.

It’s hard to pretend to be a good father if you’re not good with oneself. The consequence is the nervousness, impatience, and detachment. In short, everything that makes a bad father. Find a way to relax, to reduce stress by practicing exercises, sports, ballads. Use your family and friends to help. They will appreciate. Show your kids what it is to be strong (internally), courageous and persistent.

Show them how to be a good head of the family and the importance of caring for people you love.