Do you think, truth really exists?

Do you think, truth really exists?
Do you think, truth really exists?
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Sukhdeep Singh

Sukhdeep Singh

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Passionate about playing with words. Sukhdeep is a Post Graduate in Finance. Besides penning down ideas, he is an expert online marketing consultant and a speaker.

Everybody talks and everybody listens. But, somehow it’s the truth that always comes up missing.

Be it any corner of the planet, the first lesson we learn is – always speak the truth. We expect everyone to speak the truth, but not us. Stand next to a mirror, put a hand on your heart, make a direct eye-contact and then, ask yourself, “do you always stand by the truth?” I can bet, only when it suits me the best. I am kinda hypocrite person and whenever it is about my ego, I refer to my own made books of dishonesty; levels of my dignity, integrity, opportunistic behavior, meanness, attitude and respect for you everything depends on upon what you will be passing on to me. Well, this is me and I hope, I am talking about many others out there.

Go anywhere, you will see people cursing others at their back for their selfish and self-centered behavior. Yes, they are cheap, but who is not? And, explore a little deeper, try finding out the reasons behind their transformation? There is no general interest and it is about common interest everywhere. People want to live behind the masks; masks that hide more than they reveal about their personalities. The leaders at the worship places are happy when they see you are crying and ask you to book prayers or their visit to your place and offer them heavy donations. Politician are happy when you make no reaction to inflation or for you the dreams that were sold to you at the time of elections. The saints are advising others to quit worldly comforts and in reality, they are owning the best of everything; businesses and trusts of million dollars. Where is the truth? Is there any explanation available? Where are we leading to and where it is going to end?

Are not we becoming dead people; people without spinal cords? We expect others to follow everything that comes out of our mouth and exactly in the same order. I still remember, when I was a kid, I was advised by my grandfather that one should not speak the truth that hurts anyone feeling like never address a person by calling him blind if he has vision defects and never address a mute calling him a dumb. This is common-sense! Right? But, what about people who laugh at their difficulties? Relationships are becoming a medium of satisfying needs and if the one is economically weak, he is the one from whom everyone wants to stay at a safe distance.

Admit it, we are on the verge of humanity and many of us have already stepped on the planet called – “planet of projection.” We project things and we project it very beautifully. But, what makes us behave like hypocrites? Any thoughts? No one can claim of not being a hypocrite because there is a direct connection among truthfulness, insecurity, and hypocrisy; should you feel insecure, you are going to give up your truthfulness and finally, you will be behaving like hypocrites. Look around, we are surrounded with insecure people and these insecure people are contagious; they spread negativity, lies, and insecurities.

How can I be labeled as a fake? Ask yourself – are you the one who in order to convince oneself, constantly show the lifestyle, who consistently brags about expensive lifestyles of their or expensive habit of their children. Ask others – whether you are a person of self-praise who really wants to feel superior to others. Are you the one whose principles vary from person to person and situation to situation? Let me tell you, the moment you start projecting things and the moment you shift your opinions just because the person concerned is changed, you are putting your insecurity on display and thus, your behavior is going to be full of falseness.

This mixture of two different personalities; falsely genuine and hypocrite is a perfect recipe for self-destruction. The bitter truth of this fake world is, “hypocrites and liars are the only people who are happy because they are the ones who walk away unscathed.” And, the people with truth and principles are the one who left with unhealthy doubts.

If you are worried about your own good nature, congratulations because you still have traces of conscience. Something, you cannot expect from fakes.